Review: Spring King, The Magic Gang and Get Inuit @ Manchester Academy 2

Manchester made way for a new generation of bands as the Academy 2 hosted a sold-out gig comprised of rising stars Spring King, The Magic Gang and Get Inuit.

The three indie acts, consisting of young, talented musicians, each stole the show in their own unique way.

Getting the show on the road was Get Inuit, a self-proclaimed ‘dirty, surf-inspired pop band’ from Kent.

As they emerged through a sea of purple and red smoke, the anticipation within the room exploded into exhilaration, with a mosh pit breaking out almost as soon as the group took to the stage.

Get Inuit proved that looks can be deceiving because despite their innocent appearance, they captured the hearts of every young person in the audience with huge personality, teenage angst anthems and constant head-banging.

Next up were The Magic Gang, a Warner Brothers-signed band formed in Brighton that have proven time and time again that they are every bit as mystical as their name suggests.

Fans draped themselves over the railings as they observed the stage for any sign of the band – even mistakenly cheering when a sound-checker emerged.

When the four-piece eventually appeared, a miniature earthquake broke out in the room.

It was clear that the room was filled with The Magic Gang’s most loyal fans, as they belted out every line of every song as though they were collectively the unofficial fifth member.

While the band are known for their chilled out, catchy songs, they also have a reputation for turning it up a notch during their live shows.

The group’s normally mellow songs transformed into heartfelt belters that saw fans stop at no length to get as close as they could to the action

Meanwhile, cups of beer and even a pair of jeans flew through the air.

Wrapping up the night was Spring King, the headliner everyone had been waiting for.

With the room at full capacity and the crowd nowhere near ready to end the night, the glory was theirs for the taking

Spring King, along with Get Inuit and The Magic Gang, are keeping authentic rock music alive in an era that is quickly becoming the age of digitally produced music.

Of course digital music is a large part of the future of music – and it is also important for bands like Spring King to make sure that music like theirs continues to be as much a part of people’s lives as ever.

“The show was amazing,” said James, frontman of Get Inuit.

He added to MM: “Every time we play in Manchester the audience is always so bouncy.”

Paeris, The Magic Gang’s drummer, also spoke fondly of the night.

He explained:  “It was a really fun gig to put on. Considering a year ago we were still getting on Megabuses with our equipment to get to shows, nights like tonight really make you feel that it was all worth it.”

One of the most awe-inspiring things about these bands is that despite their fast-growing success and the adoring fans that would never miss a single concert, they have managed to remain incredibly humble, even heading to the venue’s bar to chat to people after the show.

Image courtesy of SpringKingVEVO via YouTube, with thanks.

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