Preview: Feed The Kid @ Night & Day Café

Reassembled and refreshed, Manchester’s hottest upcoming band once upon a time are on the rise again and performing at the Night & Day Café on Friday.

The future is looking bright for Mancunians Feed The Kid, who hope their new mature mindset will aid them in making a stamp on the Manchester music scene.

Original duo, Curtis Taylor (lead singer, from Blackley) and Ciaran Egan (lead guitar, Stockport) merged with new member Thomas May (guitar, Bolton) and Andy Fletcher (bass, Stockport) in January this year.

Curt said: “There’s mad big Manchester influence – we’re Mancs and we can’t get away from it – it’s a positive.”

Instead of releasing their tracks through an album, they plan to release a song every six-eight weeks in order to keep their music fresh.

In contrast to other bands in the Manchester area “bashing out chords”, FTK believe their deeply-thought melodies are proof to the hard work they’ve put in.

“Some people have vocals and some people don’t,” said Andy, referring to Curt’s vocals.

After a cameo performance at Head for the Hills Festival earlier this year, they are sure that that was just the start of something great.

Their up and coming 2019 tour will take them to all the major cities, with Manchester being one of them.

To catch Feed The Kid live you can purchase tickets on the door at the Night & Day Café or alternatively via http://www.nightnday.org/event/feed-the-kid/

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