Piano teacher launches new online music school to assist musicians during COVID-19

A new music school has launched in Manchester to help out-of-work musicians during the pandemic and help prevent passionate performers from changing careers.

A Manchester piano teacher has teamed up with a marketing expert and launched an online music tutoring school, MusicSpark, to help save the music industry after the shutdown of concerts and festivals last year.

This comes after a surge of amateur musicians picked up a musical hobby during the national lockdown.

According to Gear4Music, the value of UK sales of musical instruments has risen 80 per cent compared to last year, with electric and acoustic guitar starter bundles being some of the biggest sellers.

Jenny Keane said MusicSpark will provide instrumental tutor training to musicians via their e-learning course which will set them up with everything they need to launch their own tuition business.

She said: “The closure of so many venues has meant many talented musicians and performers are forced to change careers or be out of work.

“Musicians spend years crafting their talent and it brings so much joy to others.

“What we offer is simply not available within the established music tuition hierarchy.

“I know from my own experience that for the individual musician setting up on your own can be very daunting and even off-putting.”

The 10-week course consists of both business and teaching content, with a fast-track course and immediate membership of the MusicSpark Academy providing a hub of bespoke materials for current music teachers.

Marketing expert, Gina Conolly, from Bedford said: “We’ve meticulously researched and designed our courses to cover every aspect of the instrumental tuition industry.

“In these very difficult times for everyone, it’s a really welcome win-win story for musicians and music teachers.”

If you would like to sign up or check out the courses available, visit www.music-spark.com.

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