Team SuperDome at The Crystal Maze Experience

How is Manchester continuing the trend of innovating traditional entertainment experiences?

There are loads of things to do in Manchester, but little beats the rush of attending a live experience.

You build a sense of affinity with the entertainment that will heighten the experience and give a shared sense of enjoyment.

A good live experience, particularly if in the company of friends, will provide a cherished memory that you can recollect and reminisce about for a lifetime. 

We all know Manchester is great for concerts, sporting events and theatre, but we’ll highlight how Manchester is part of a growing trend of traditional entertainment experiences that are being adapted to suit a modern audience.

Live casino

As shown by the rise of live streaming services such as Twitch, people crave live experiences that they can interact with and become immersed in.

Online casinos are no different as sites such as Paddy Power’s casino have adapted their traditional offerings through live casino games with dealers that host the action and chat with the players.

Although you can play classic casino games such as blackjack, baccarat and roulette with a live dealer, many people might be unaware that there are other options.

The live game show experience has become massive and while there are familiar titles like Monopoly and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the casino game developers are also making their own unique game shows.

With VR and AR waiting on the wings to have a big impact on mainstream culture, it may not be long before this sector goes through an immersive revolution

Breakout Manchester

This live escape room game can be found on Brazennose Street and has received rave reviews making it one of Manchester’s top attractions on TripAdvisor.

Escape rooms have increasingly become part of the landscape in major cities in the UK as they allow people to feel valued and part of a team.

The confidence you get from unlocking the mysteries and puzzles that enable your escape is something difficult to replicate anywhere else. 

At Breakout Manchester there are three rooms to pick from and each one has a different difficulty setting.

There’s John Monroe’s Detective Office, where you and your team prove your innocence and identify the guilty party in a murder investigation.

The Virus Room is full of interesting and challenging puzzles that must be solved to prevent a disease from infecting the world.  

Finally, the Madchester Room, which doesn’t require local knowledge, but is the most difficult.

Whichever room you choose, it’s an hour of high-adrenaline action that requires different skill-sets and will always be remembered by you and your team.

They also offer Breakout Unboxed, an escape room in a box.

Crystal Maze Live Experience Manchester

The Crystal Maze was a British game show that saw teams of competitors endeavouring to complete a range of challenges categorised as Mental, Mystery, Physical and Skill. Successful completion of the challenges earned time, which was needed to help them collect as many gold foil tokens, while avoiding any silver tokens in the Crystal Dome.

Many people will remember the show for its host Richard O’Brien, but a reboot saw some funny moments with Richard Ayoade as the host and celebrity contestants as reviewed by The Guardian

For those that loved the show or anyone that likes a challenge, Crystal Maze Live Experience Manchester could be right up your street.

While there’s no Richard O’Brien, you do get a Mazemaster who is both entertaining and encouraging.

Replicating the hit show, each challenge is either Mental, Physical, Skill or Mystery and you must select a team member to enter the room before the details of the challenge are revealed.

Each challenge takes around three minutes and team members not completing the challenge get a good view of the action and can shout encouragement or give clues.

The Crystal Dome is a replica of the show and if you grab enough gold tokens, your team will earn a place on the Crystal Maze Live Experience leaderboard.

You don’t need to be a fan of the show to enjoy this one, but with the theme tune thumping in your head, it’s probably a better experience for those familiar with the format.

Be sure to visit us regularly to find out what other great entertainment is on offer in Manchester.

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