What’s the story? Oasis reunion rumour frenzy following Liam Gallagher’s cryptic Glastonbury tweets

Manchester rock ‘n’ roller Liam Gallagher left Oasis fans asking What’s the story?’ last night following a string of tweets sparking speculation of an Oasis reunion at this year’s Glastonbury.

Little by little at about 8pm, the Oasis frontman spent a drawn out tweet spelling out ‘Oasis’ – before being ambushed by tweets from fans asking what it all meant.

The Burnage-born rocker, now lead singer of Beady Eye, continued to build the suspense and confusion by spending a good hour deliberating over the final ‘s’ of the band’s name.

One fan @amarc7 was quick off the mark to cast doubt on the reunion rumours. He tweeted: “Liam Gallagher was about to tweet S then Noel snatched his phone, threw it on the floor and jumped on it.”

Amidst the confusion, one fan Dominic Robinson tweeted his excitement at the thought of a reunion:

More fans confirmed that they’re not ready for the Gallagher brothers to fade away just yet. Daniel Barry posted on Facebook:


Some fans got a little carried away in their imaginations assuming that the Manchester band hand already reunited. Jonathan James struggled to contain his excitement and tweeted:  “Oasis are BACK its official 🙂 liamgallagher said so!!!! Brilliant news.”

Bookmakers, however, were quick to pull in the reins and Ladbrokes and Paddy Power have since suspended betting on Oasis headlining Glastonbury this year.

Following the frenzy in the Twittersphere, rumours of a reunion have got tongues wagging all around the world. From across the pond in New York, Peader Cleary wrote: “Please say its true. Reunion?? Best day ever by the way!

The latest reunion rumours come just a month since Oasis released a rare acoustic version of Live Forever and a re-master of Definitely Maybe, celebrating the album’s 20 year anniversary.

With the Manchester pair just getting older, some might say now would be the perfect time to rekindle the Oasis flame. A reunion would mark five years since the band’s split in summer 2009, following an alleged backstage row which reportedly resulted in Liam breaking Noel’s guitar.

In December last year, Noel Gallagher turned down £20million to reunite with Oasis for a world tour.

A source close to Noel revealed: “There were hopes he would do it but, frankly, he just doesn’t want to. The Oasis reunion is well and truly off.”

Back in January, Oasis’ original guitarist Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs hinted at a reunion during an interview with NME Magazine.

However, Arthurs seemed unconvinced that Noel would be as forthcoming as Liam as he seems comfortable with his solo projects including the High Flying Birds. The guitarist said: “With Noel, I only know what I read in the press – and from what I read it sounds like a ‘no’.”

Some fans are holding out for word from Noel before they get too excited at the prospect of a reunion. George Leavey posted on Facebook: “Liam’s stirring a lot people up on Twitter. Oasis reunion rumours? I won’t believe anything until Noel says so. The man’s word is law.”

In the meantime, hopes of a reunion are up in the air – but there is no denying that if the day comes there’ll be a champagne supernova amongst Oasis fans.

Image courtesy of mrmonobrow67 via Youtube with thanks

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