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How Manchester musician Ccaprice aims to widen her appeal with latest single

Singer-songwriter Ccaprice is one of Manchester’s underground break beat stars. Here, she talks to Mia Lazaro about her lyrical debut single, her inspirations, her background… and even working with her dad!

Electro-beat artist Ccaprice has gone from strength to strength since starting her music career. Now, with her newest track out, she is looking to break into the music industry – after introducing lyrics into her music for the first time.

The independent musician has previously worked on instrumentals where she had been producing beats with synths and workstations, both live and pre-recorded.

Delving into her multi-genre style of music, she says: “With such a mix of sounds, I’ve found it quite hard to break into the scene anyway, especially as a new artist.

“It did hold me back a lot in the beginning because I wasn’t hearing a lot of music that was similar to my style.

“I have noticed the more that you give to people, the more that you get to connect with a new audience through discovery. You do eventually end up finding an audience that appreciates your music, even if it isn’t as mainstream.”

Born as Charlotte in North Manchester, Ccaprice was raised in a creative environment. With her family having an extensive background in music, including her parents’ musical skills such as singing and songwriting, she has constantly been surrounded by talent. 

Having been given her first guitar at nine years old, music took a peak on her interest early in life.

But it wasn’t until she turned 18 after stepping into a music technology course at college where the craft started to blossom. 

Dabbling into multiple genres, she digitally experimented with electronica and psychedelic breakbeats after growing up with rock, indie and rap influences.

She said: “Having such a wide background on the music genres I’ve been working with, I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from multiple styles so it’s difficult to pinpoint one exact type of sound. 

“To put it plainly, I’ve narrowed my music to electronic-indie-pop. It’s such a mix.”

It’s clear to see the electro beat artist is reinventing what it means to be a musician. 

With every release, Ccaprice finds herself venturing further into unchartered territory. She consistently demonstrates versatility while showcasing a wide range of influences through sound. 

Taking inspiration from alternative artists such as Grimes’ ambient tracks from the start of her career to 90’s indie bands like Blur and Oasis, the result manifests as addictive and hypnotic. 

With her latest track, ‘Extinction Level Event’, officially out on all platforms, this makes the project her debut single with lyrics. Focusing mainly on producing beats in the past, the artist celebrates a new achievement with her newest tune. 

“I started working on this last year and it started off as a different song concept,” said the 21-year-old. “But the more I started working on it, the more it transformed to what it is now.”

Delving more into the topic of the track, she mentions how the instrumental at the start reminded her of extra-terrestrial intelligence which altered the subject of the song.

“My dad and I wrote this together, and we have a lot of similar interests from music to space, so this piece was the perfect mix,” she said.

“Once we started writing, we kept stumbling onto social and environmental themes and we started playing with a lot of ideas which created this work of mine.” 

Ccaprice can be found around the North West, mainly hosting gigs in Bury, Manchester, Liverpool and Salford with original songs. 

She is due to go on tour supporting local band, Leisure Theory, at the end of the month and will be performing her new single on stage.

Featured image: CCAPRICE by Layla Klajic

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