MM’s top 5 WWE moments in Manchester as Raw and Smackdown prepare to take over the Arena

WWE will be providing an action-packed evening of entertainment when its larger-than-life superstars perform next month in Manchester.

Wrestlers from both Raw and Smackdown will be grappling in the squared circle as the company returns to Manchester Arena on Friday, November 8.

Over the years WWE has created an anything-can-happen atmosphere at its events – and some of the wrestling business’ most memorable moments have actually taken place in our very own city.

Let’s take a look at five unforgettable occurrences which we’ve been lucky enough to bear witness to in Manchester.

Championship game-changer

Wrestling’s most prestigious title changed hands when AJ Styles defeated Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship on an episode of Smackdown in November 2017.

It wasn’t just the first time that the belt had switched hands in the UK, but the first – and only – occasion that it had done so outside of North America.

Styles would go on to hold the gold for an incredible 371 days – and the history books will always show that the reign started in Manchester.

Raw is Rooney

WWE’s Wade Barrett bit off more than he could chew when he got in the face of Wayne Rooney during an episode of Raw in November 2015.

The footballer had a front row seat for the event – and that was close enough to make him part of the action.

During a heated confrontation, the Manchester United legend slapped Barrett and caused the arena to erupt with cheers.

Peak Attitude

WWE was experiencing unparalleled popularity when it swung into Manchester for the UK-only PPV No Mercy in May 1999.

It was the height of the Attitude Era, with stars like Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Triple H and Mankind in the mix.

The event featured a special rematch from Wrestlemania XV, in which Shane McMahon defended the European Championship against X-Pac.

The revolution will be televised

After years of broadcasting Raw and Smackdown from the US, WWE finally brought its flagship shows to the UK in October 2004.

In what’s become a bi-annual tradition, the television tapings kicked off with the first-ever UK episode of Raw being filmed at Manchester Arena.

The first match of the evening saw Trish Stratus grapple with Stacy Keibler for the Women’s Championship.

A golden homecoming

UK fan favourite William Regal returned to his home country to battle for the Intercontinental Championship on Raw in November 2008.

Despite being a villain, he received a huge ovation when he pinched the title from Santino Marella in the opening match of the evening.

Best of all? It took the Englishman just 31 seconds to put his opponent away. Talk about making it look easy!

You can catch all of your favourite WWE Superstars from both SmackDown and RAW rosters at the WWE Live show at the Manchester Arena on Friday, November 8. Tickets available from: www.eventim.co.uk

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