Wigan rockers Avalin release debut single and album in hope of reliving past glory

By Sophie Arnold

Despite freezing cold temperatures and a meagre budget, a new Wigan band have battled through to release their debut single and video.

With members of Avalin having previously supported the likes of Bon Jovi, Nickelback and The Used, new release Self Control is hoped to bring them similar success.

Lead singer, Jack Valentine, spoke to Mancunian Matters about his hopes for
Self Control and the joys of creating music.

Jack said: “Writing new material with a new bunch of guys can be hard work so getting to share with people the art you have created over weeks and weeks is a very rewarding feeling.

“We love to write music and we love for people to hear it, so we want this sound to reach as many people as possible.”

Filmed in a remote country house, the video illustrates the theme of losing self control through a battle between hero and villain.

Jack said: “The location we found was perfect for the theme so that was great, though the freezing weather was our only challenge.

“I think people were so excited on the day though and so happy with how it went that we all saw through the cold and just got on with it.”

The band formed when Jack met drummer, Andy Heap, and bassist, Thomas McCooey, following the end of their previous projects.

In true rock n’ roll fashion, a chance encounter in the pub saw Alex Preston (keys) and Ian Taylor (guitar) complete the setup for the new band. 

To boost the launch of the band’s debut song, a good video was vital.

Jack added: “Adding a story to the song just sealed the whole experience for us and it’s a great starting point for us as a band. 

“We love the song and the video so we just hope people will love it as much as we do.”

Self Control is available on the band’s YouTube channel and can be found by
searching Avalin Wigan.

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