Why is online gambling so popular in Manchester?

The UK is in love with gambling. So much so that figures from the UK Gambling Commission revealed that Brits spend around £14.6 billion a year on this past time.

While it is a nationwide affair, there are pockets across the country where online gambling is even more popular than others. One such area is Manchester.

What leads to Mancunians seeking out the best casino ( オンラインカジノ) and what makes the thrill such a big draw for them?

The mega casino that never was

Legislation passed in 2005 meant that the UK was given the opportunity to go ahead and build the first mega-casinos.

These were casinos that were set to rival what Vegas had to offer. With thousands of slots, hundreds of tables, and an unrivalled atmosphere.

Where would officials look at building the first mega casino? Manchester of course.

As a thriving city and one where gambling was already popular, it made perfect sense to build here.

However, it was never meant to be. 2008 saw the idea being scrapped and no mega casino has ever been built in the UK.

Where else could the people of Manchester turn to experience all that a mega-casino had promised? The only answer was online casinos.

The growth of online casinos

It was back in the mid-1990s that we first experienced an online casino.

At the time it was a relatively simple affair. The range of games was less than great, but there was still something about it.

Suddenly we were given the chance to play casino games such as roulette, blackjack, and slots whenever we wanted to without even leaving our homes.

As technology progressed, game developers got better and better and we were treated to online casinos that literally had thousands of games to choose from.

Mancunians had the alternative to their mega-casino and it proved to be even better. A wider selection of games, casinos that never closed, and bonuses that you’d never find at a land-based casino.

The people of Manchester were hooked.

There was still something missing

The number, and the quality, of land-based casinos in Manchester meant that residents here were used to the casino experience.

Although online casinos were proving popular, they still couldn’t give everything that a land-based one could.

The main problem was the lack of a croupier. It wasn’t long before that changed.

Game providers such as Evolution Gaming started to bring the live casino experience to those playing online.

Suddenly the casino experience was complete with players able to recreate the whole casino atmosphere from the comfort of their own homes.

No longer did the people of Manchester have to brave the unpredictable UK weather, or tackle the never-ending queues of traffic.

They had it all at home thanks to online casinos. As technology continues to develop there is no doubt that this is not just a passing phase: those in Manchester will be playing at online casinos for many years to come.

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