Chester’s Storyhouse Halloween drive-in saved as ‘toilet-gate’ problem resolved

A drive-in cinema event has been saved after fears it would be cancelled due to Welsh lockdown restrictions preventing guests from using the venue’s toilets.

Storyhouse’s Halloween Drive-In is being held at Chester’s Deva Stadium and is set to show spooky season favourites from 28th October until 1st November.

But in a fact reserved for pub quizzes, the Welsh border crosses through the stadium’s car park, meaning guests would break Welsh lockdown rules if they reached toilets on the other side.

As Flintshire police warned they would enforce border restrictions, Storyhouse faced the prospect of cancellation, but the team has now managed to resolve the problem.

In an online statement Storyhouse said: “Thank you so much for the support (and puns) over the last few days as we have tackled one of the more strange and surprising problems of lockdown, toilet-gate!

“We are as determined as ever to bring some much-needed joy and would be devastated to cancel and disappoint our bookers.”

Capacity has now been reduced so all cars can fit comfortably on the English side of the border and portaloos will be provided so customers can have “a wee without breaking the law”.

The firebreak lockdown in Wales means that Welsh customers will now be unable to attend the drive-in.

Storyhouse has also had to cancel their hot dog vendor and a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show meant for Wednesday 28th October.

To make up for it the Storyhouse team has conjured up an extra showing of family favourite Hocus Pocus to be shown on Saturday 31st.

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