‘Jump on board his rollicking journey’: Aussie ‘cultural ambassador’ set for UK big screen debut in Manchester

Aussie icon, Blinky Bill Koala, is leaving the Outback and coming to visit the Poms with the children’s character set for its UK premiere at the Manchester International Film Festival (MANIFF) on Mother’s Day.

The film originates from the classic Australian children’s book The Adventures of Blinky Bill, which centres on the eponymous titular character, who dreams of leaving his hometown, Green Patch to find his father.

Producer Barbara Stephan joked that Blinky is a ‘cultural ambassador’ for her country, and explained to MM why she thinks the cuddly character is so popular with children.

“Kids love a character who challenges authority, but who can also do the things they would love to be able to do,” she said.

“Blinky is a small koala navigating the ferocious perils of the Australian outback, meeting it head on and refusing to listen to all the naysayers from his hometown of Green Patch who say that he’s too little or not ready to go on an adventure.

“Blinky is somewhat of a cultural ambassador for Australia and we hope that UK families jump on board his rollicking journey, embracing both his courage and his cuddliness.”

When Blinky gets a trail that might lead him to his Dad he sets out on a mission to find him, which takes him beyond the walls of Green Patch and into the wild and treacherous Outback.

Along the way he meets Nutsy, a zoo koala and Jacko, an anxious frill-necked lizard, as well as a relentless cat that has a score to even with Blinky.

To save his dad they must work together to survive his journey through the dangers of Australia.

Other stars featured in this animation include Toni Collette (Little Miss Sunshine), Rufus Sewell (The Illusionist) and Deborah Mailman (The Sapphires).

MANIFF will begin on March 4 and continues until March 6.

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Image courtesy of StudioCanal Australia, via YouTube, with thanks

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