Let’s be better than Buffy! Salford Uni supernatural thriller sets eyes on TV slot

Staff and students from the University of Salford are hoping to turn their home-made supernatural thriller into a UK Television series.

Dark Fables, set in modern day Manchester, tells the tale of Addison, a trader of supernatural artefacts, and a young homeless girl called Rae, as they adventure in a hidden world of monsters and magic.

The University’s Creative Technical Demonstrator, Ash Tidball, 35, teamed up with script writer, Keith Lewis, 34, in 2014 and now hope their masterpiece will be picked up and developed into a British series.

Mr Tidball said: “There was a lot of hard work, cold nights, long hours, wet feet and emotional exhaustion.

“But Keith and I really believed that we could create something that could be a contender with some of the shows we have always loved such as Firefly, Evil Dead and Buffy.”

Current and former students from Salford’s Journalism and Production courses volunteered to work on the project, some of which have been part of the team for over a year now.

A group of professional actors also gave their time for free, because they were so enthused by the 30-minute-long pilot episode.

The episode was filmed during winter nights in locations across Manchester and raised £900 from Crowd Funding to help pay for equipment and travel.   

Mr Tidball, who has woman several awards at film festivals for previous films, said that future projects will be based around the success of Dark Fables.

He said: “If Dark Fables is developed into a series, I hope it will mean that myself and my crew are able to make productions that have our hearts and souls in them.

“I love film making, and I love creating narratives people can engage with. All we want is a chance to make a great story and reach people.”

They are now in the post-production phase of editing, and hope to release the show around June or July this year.

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