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Listen: The Curry Cast takes on the Korma Konundrum, featuring Bake Off’s Chetna Makan

The MM Curry Cast investigates Manchester Asian food culture, tastes Ziya’s new menu and gets the thoughts of some people in the know, such as Great British Bake Off’s Chetna Makan to answer whether it really is ok to order a Korma.

Manchester is known for its proud British-Asian community and their food culture.

At MM we wanted to find out more about this culture, which is so important to Manchester’s identity, and investigate some of the issues that surround it.

Obviously you can’t talk about curry without trying a little too, so we headed down to Ziya on the Curry Mile to sample their lunch menu and have a chat with the manager, Devang.

In this episode we take a look at one of the big talking points in curry houses around Britain, is it ok to order a Korma?

With the help of Bake Off’s Chetna Makan and Devang from Ziya we seek to answer that question.

Image courtesy of Mikey via Flickr, with thanks.


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