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Review: Day of the Dead Afterparty @ Peter Street Kitchen

Following the huge success of last year’s Day of the Dead party, the award-winning Peter Street Kitchen, aptly renamed as Peter Scary Kitchen for the evening, was transformed for a fang-tastic fiesta this Halloween weekend. 

Drawing upon the iconic imagery of Día de Muertos, the elegant and open restaurant was almost unrecognisable – eerily lit and sporting a devilishly red glow – amongst a myriad of caskets, sugar skulls, Aztec marigolds and traditional Ofrendas.

These open caskets were a treat rather than a trick – exhibiting an infinite supply of Tequila Patron, which certainly got the party started.

Alongside the world-class range of Japanese spirits, sake and cocktails to choose from, partygoers were welcomed with a complimentary twist on the classic Espresso Martini, made with Patron XO Cafe Tequila Coffee Liqueur.

Guests, including Love Island 2019’s Belle Hassan and Joanna Chimonides, enjoyed the ultimate Mexican Feast to line their stomachs, including a mouth-watering array of small plates and sharing plates.

Opening in 2018 in the heart of Manchester, the unique restaurant promises a distinct dining experience, combining Japanese and Mexican cuisine.

We’ve all been there. Chinese or Indian? Thai or Italian?

Thankfully, the culinary wizards at Peter Street Kitchen decided to save us the rudimentary bickering and 45 minutes of decision making, by embracing the art of shared dining.

Dishes of the evening included a crispy duck and pomegranate ensalada, dry-rubbed short rib with smoked chilli mayo soft tacos and sea bass ceviche with avocado, white corn and red onion.

Despite the Free Trade Hall possessing a wealth of history, Peter Street Kitchen is unapologetically modern – yet the contemporary and stylish space and furnishings remain cool enough for you to lose your inhibitions, or your diet plans, for the evening.

In spite of the Day of the Dead theme, the event was certainly a lively affair.

Although the fundamental purpose of the Mexican festival is to honour those in the afterlife, celebrations across the world continue to become more innovative and vibrant.

The after-dinner entertainment included a seductive display of dance macabre by scantily clad skeleton performers, including golden girl Scarlett Cooke.

Flaunting her physique and glittering to the Gods, she remained unphased by the chilly November temperatures.

“As a dancer, I am used to having a room full of eyes upon me.

“This was a new experience for me but I’m comfortable being naked, especially being head to toe in gold!

“I love displaying the powerfulness of the female body and putting on a different sort of show like this for an audience.

“The makeup itself took just over two hours to create this look.”

Despite the intimate feel to the dining area, the immersive performance art was able to remain centre stage, without feeling intrusive.

Although Peter Street Kitchen produced their own trendy take on the Day of the Dead, the traditions still remained at the core of the festivities – down to the candlelit tables and tequila on tap.

The bespoke celebration drew in guests from all over the North, many of whom were eager to get in the spooky spirit by donning creative Halloween costumes – amongst the anticipated sea of sombreros.

Hannah Harris, from Liverpool, gushed about the elite event: “I absolutely love the Day of the Dead theme, which is what first tempted me.

“I love coming up to Manchester and this party was a perfect excuse, so we always make a weekend out of it.

“This is the second year that me and the girls have come to this event and it’s a brilliant way to celebrate Halloween. And drink lots of tequila!”

Revellers also enjoyed a flavoursome DJ set until 1 am, as the drinks flowed into the dead of the night.

No stranger to a scintillating Saturday in the city, Peter Street Kitchen also hosts a series of exclusive events, providing a range of entertainment for every taste.

An opportunity to divulge further into other cultures, you can enjoy a Sake or Japanese Whiskey Masterclass, as well as a Rikyū Brunch, alongside a number of varying seasonal events which bring the sounds, colours and flavours of Japan and Mexico into the Kitchen.

A welcome addition to Manchester nightlife and an upmarket, cultural escape, Peter Street Kitchen is a great place to celebrate with your ghoul-friends and gorge on some great food.

Leaving the only question… Trick or tequila?

I think you know the answer.

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