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“Extremely rare” wafer-less KitKats frustrate snack fans

KitKats are – occasionally – getting into the hands of customers without their wafers.

When I bit into a KitKat Chunky last month in February I didn’t have a wafer – as the picture above shows.

I then discovered other people who had a KitKat, but failed to catch a break, via Twitter.

One Twitter user posted about their wafer-less KitKat on 11 March the 11th, another having posted on around 3 March – and another on 20 February.

Laura, who had a wafer-less white chocolate KitKat back in 2020, said: “I don’t usually buy white chocolate anything as it’s my least favorite but this was from a Christmas selection box.

“I was surprised by the lack of wafer, but enjoyed the novelty!”

In an online survey conducted via Twitter, a majority of respondents suggested they would not be pleasantly surprised to discover their KitKat was missing a wafer, with 69% disagreeing that “A KitKat without a wafer is a nice surprise”.

The problem appears to have affected several different types of KitKats, including regular
bars as well as KitKat Chunky bars.

When I direct messaged Nestle to tell them about my defective treat, the company asked for the batch code on the packet, and requested my PayPal email address, to send me a gesture towards a future purchase.

A Nestle spokesperson said: “’We make over four million KitKats a day at our factory in
York, and from time to time a tiny proportion of these will leave without a wafer.

“This is extremely rare, and we have checks in place to try to prevent it happening as far as possible. If a consumer finds an issue, we ask that they get in touch with us so that we can investigate and put things right for them.”

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