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Altrincham Brothers’ new healthy cookie brand cuts sugar by 90%

Two brothers from Altrincham have started Jnck Bakery a company which promises to improve the offering of healthy snacks on the market.

Alex and Sean Brassill’s new brand will offer non-high in fat, salt, and sugar (NHSS) cookies that are palm oil free.

Jnck Bakery promises to offer a range of cookies that have 90% less sugar, 50% less saturated fat, 3x protein, and 5x fibre than premium supermarket cookies found in the bakery and at coffee shops.

Alex said: “The growth of the protein snacks market shows there is a demand for a much healthier approach to grab and go food, but we felt strongly that we could create products that still tasted, felt, and looked like indulgent treats, as opposed to high-protein gym products.

“Our cutting-edge sweetness modulation means Jnck Bakery products deliver without all the sugar and fat.”

The new brand offers milk chocolate, triple chocolate, white gold, and white ruby. White gold features a caramelised edge. White ruby features a hint of berries and the colour of pink.

Jnck bakery is part of an emerging sector of healthy snacks that take the form of unhealthier snacks.

Along with the added health benefits these cookies total 199 calories with a weight of 48g. This compares to a supermarket cookie at 62g and 322 calories. Or a coffee shop cookie at 366 calories and 80g.

So per gram of cookie, they do not offer massive caloric savings but instead focus on offering a more complete nutritional offering. 

Food Gov UK says: “Nearly half of consumers say they want to avoid buying foods that contain added ingredients such as trans fats, palm oil and preservatives”.

Companies such as MyProtein offer cookies and brownies with added protein alongside protein chocolate bars like those from Grenade and Warrior and healthy offerings from Graze.

Grenade and Graze are readily available in supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda, offering a convenient snack for those looking to stay or get in shape.

Alex studied Biomedical Science at Newcastle University and would go on to join Hut Group as Group Head of Nutrition. Sean studied engineering at Oxford before going on to work as a strategy manager. 

Sean said: “Jnck Bakery will change this: we believe we can remove 800 tonnes of sugar from the UK supply chain over the next three years – and that’s just the start!”

With obesity and people’s general health a continued issue, more offerings like this make it easier for people to make healthier choices when on the go.

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