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What to Eat in London: Top 7 British dishes

British street food is a mix of Indian, Italian, Chinese, American, French and other cuisines of the world.

Restaurants in London offer tourists dishes from all over the world. But what does traditional British cuisine look like?

We’ve compiled a list of the tastiest foods that every tourist should definitely try in London.

Traditional, hearty, really great – write down the names and photos of English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh dishes so you don’t miss a thing.

Roast Beef

This is probably the most popular British dish. It’s made from a large, whole piece of beef and seasoned only with salt and pepper.

Gordon Ramsay bakes roast beef in the oven, while the world’s most famous British chef Jamie Oliver suggests braising it first and then grilling it. Whichever way the chef chooses, the beef is medium rare. A good roast beef should have a reddish color with a tasty brown crust.

Try this dish in London with the traditional side dish of green peas, and in Northern Ireland or Scotland with mashed potatoes or thick vegetable gravy.

Fish and Chips

This street food is popular in London and is usually ordered with a glass of beer. It’s especially popular among both types of football fans: those who prefer cheering on the teams in the stadium and those who choose online sports betting from the comfort of their home.

For this meal, cod is usually cooked in batter with dark ale, fried in a deep fryer.

A standard side dish is mashed peas, beans, pickles, and onions. Crispy fish and golden-colored potatoes, appetizing sauces, refreshing taste of vegetables, a slice of lemon – this dish of English cuisine deserves thousands of rave reviews from tourists around the world.

Shepherd’s Pie

A popular British dish which looks more like a casserole than a pie. It’s definitely worth trying in Northern Ireland, as that’s where it’s from.

However, in England or Scotland, this hearty meal is just as good. Shepherd’s pie is a delicious layered casserole of lamb with a delicious golden crust of mashed potatoes.

Between them there is a layer of tender vegetables: celery, carrots, onions, sometimes pumpkin, green peas or corn. All this perfectly complements the Worcester sauce. 

Yorkshire Pudding

This snack is so popular that on the first Sunday of February in Great Britain they even celebrate Yorkshire Pudding Day.

There’s nothing unusual about it itself – it’s essentially just an empty muffin. It’s the filling that decides everything in this British dish.

Yorkshire pudding in England is usually served with roast, in Northern Ireland it is filled with mashed potatoes with beef and vegetables, in Scotland with lamb or sausages and potatoes. For vegetarians, there is bound to be an appetizer with beans or vegetables.

There are many variations of this dish, each one is good in its own way.


A national British dish from Wales. In modern Welsh the word “cawl” is used for any meat soup. But if you see cawl on a restaurant menu in London, it would mean the Welsh dish you see in the photo.

Traditional Welsh soup is cooked in a strong meat broth of lamb or beef with potatoes, carrots and other vegetables. Leeks and a specially thickened broth give this dish a special flavor.

It’s a very hearty meal and a must-try in the UK during the cold season.

Cornish Pasty

Cornish is an inexpensive snack popular throughout England. You can buy it in London in many eateries. Cornish pasty is a very appetizing, hearty British pie that is a must-try hot.

Thin dough, lots of filling, recognizable shape with a small “pigtail” on the side. The pies are stuffed with minced meat, sometimes with potatoes or other vegetables. You can even try cornish with a fruit filling – it will also be very good.

Scotch Eggs

This dish is available all over the UK and is very popular in London – it’s often served for breakfast in many eateries. It’s an incredibly simple recipe, but it tastes great! The dish is meat patties with a boiled egg inside.

They are fried until golden in crispy breadcrumbs. Scrambled eggs are the most popular version of this dish. But in England, you can try a little less known type of snack: eggs Manchester style. You can buy them in large supermarkets in London.

Image by Felix Wolf from Pixabay 

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