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Cloud 23 to BLINDFOLD cocktail-lovers as swanky bar introduces exciting vodka menu running this autumn

The Hilton’s Cloud 23 will be blindfolding cocktail-lovers in a bid to test the strength of people’s senses.

The swanky bar – located on the 23rd floor of Beetham Tower – will be covering the eyes and ears of patrons who take part in the Elyx Experience.

Those with a penchant for vodka will first touch a number of mystery items relating to their beverage before tucking into a drink infused with Absolut Elyx.

It’s the latest creative spin from the team at Cloud 23, who are no strangers to turning cocktail hour on its head.

The bar’s pop-up cabin – which features award-winning views of Manchester – is also serving up a wide selection of boozy concoctions for when the experience is finished.

These will be served in photo-worthy copper glassware for those who are keen to share the elegant evidence on social media.

In addition, patrons can took into a Swedish-inspired smorgasbord – which features a range of breads, meats and cheeses – before washing it down with the cocktails.

The new cabin is yet another exciting venture from the team at Cloud 23.

Earlier this year, the bar launched a unique cocktail progression where guests and visitors were offered a deceptive gustatory experience.

Meanwhile, last autumn a five-course cocktail progression proved to be very popular with the people of Manchester.

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