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Review: Brunch @ The Alchemist, New York Street, Manchester

On a miserable morning in what looks to be yet another rain-soaked month, treating yourself to brunch at The Alchemist might be just what the doctor (or Met Office) ordered.

The stylish restaurant and bar has long-served weekend breakfasts, but realised of late that Mancunians deserve a little pick-me-up every day of the week.

It began with orange juice – fresh, bright and very zesty with just enough bits to know it’s one of your five-a-day.

Food was served within ten minutes, which should assure anyone currently thinking ‘but I can’t possibly get back to the office within an hour!’

MORNING PICK-ME-UP: The Alchemist are now serving up brunch

Their simply-named ‘American’ consists of Belgian waffles, eggs (scrambled, poached or fried), bacon, sausage and lashings of maple syrup.

This dish didn’t look huge at first but in fact was – and took two people to polish off.

The waffles, buried underneath creamy scrambled egg, were a delicious combination of crunchy and fluffy, as all good waffles should be.

The bacon could have been cooked a little crispier but still did the trick, as did the herby sausage.

You have to love the sweet-savoury mix to even go near this dish, as the wonderfully sticky maple syrup is its crowning glory.

GRAVY? NOPE: Scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage and… maple syrup

Also devoured was Eggs Royale, the smoked-salmony best friend of Eggs Benedict (ham) and Eggs Florentine (spinach).

A toasted breakfast muffin was topped with juicy salmon and two bursting poached eggs.

This dish was of slightly more ladylike proportions, but with bold flavours and a perfectly delicate Hollandaise sauce.

Also on the menu are a full English breakfast, steak with hash browns or the very tempting ‘Mish Mosh’ – broken eggs with chorizo, cheese, bacon, spinach and mushroom.

AND FINALLY: A cup of coffee to set you up for the rest of the day

Brunch cocktails are available if you’re feeling that way inclined, from their Classic Bloody Mary to a decadent Bellini served with strawberry caviar.

You could do a lot worse than opting for one of these, as The Alchemist bars are famous for their creative and highly ambitious cocktails.

Weekday brunch is now served at their New York Street restaurant only, from 10am until midday.

Shelter from the rain and dig in.

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