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Review: House Lounge @ Manchester House

It is rare for a tantalising treat like House Lounge to be tucked away among Manchester’s high-rise offices.

The deliciously discreet exterior – you would never think the office-like building housed a restaurant – hints at the exclusivity of this establishment.

When head chef Aiden Byrne owns the accolade of being the youngest person ever to receive a Michelin star at the age of 22, you knew you are in for a treat.

The recently-opened House Lounge is situated on the 12th floor (see the amazing view pictured above!). The décor is enveloped in cream leather and positioned directly by the dramatic full-length windows overlooking Spinningfields.

MAKING A HOUSE A HOME: House Lounge’s suave interior

In the mellowing transition from day to night, the menus are illuminated by a Moroccan-style lantern that matches the cream of the plush booths.

We took lounge manager Ash’s recommendations and ordered the plate of traditional salads, the cheeseburger and what he promised us was an ‘incredible’ club sandwich. 

The salads consisted of a selection of salmon Caesar, tuna Niçoise, pan-Asian beef and a Greek feta. Each salad was served on a gem lettuce leaf and the salad plate was beautifully presented. 

If you’re indecisive when ordering food, having four on one plate will mean you don’t have to make any tough decisions.

They were tasty but tiny when you’re splashing £12.50 for the four.

Next came the Swiss cheese burger, dressed with a blend of three cheeses and hickory-infused lettuce, accompanied by a ramekin of duck fat chips.

The meat was pink and succulent, so great if you like your beef medium-to-rare, but less so if you prefer it charcoaled.  The cheeses were full-flavoured and, combined with the tender meat, made for a burger that would be hard to beat.

Also at £12.50, the dish was of excellent quality but, once again, a tad on the small side.

Last but not least came the club sandwich of beer-can chicken.

The traditional way of cooking beer-can chicken involves rather inelegantly stuffing a half-emptied beer can into a chicken and barbequing the lot, the idea being that the meat absorbs the boozy fumes. 

The House Lounge Bar served up no ordinary version, however, as this chicken was instead infused with cinnamon and stock and was definitely a worthy highlight.

SUCCULENT SPREAD: A look at the variety of food on offer at House Lounge

At £10, and again with duck fat chips cooked in four differing ways, we found this was the most substantial and tastiest option.

The Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay at £29 complemented the food well with a dry but light taste to form the perfect companion.

The service was polite and unobtrusive, fitting with the high-end feel of the lounge. 

Overall, Manchester House Lounge is good for a treat in luxurious surroundings.

It would be the perfect place for a post-shopping drink watching the sun set over the city or as a starting point for a night out.

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