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‘A Michelin star isn’t that necessary these days’: Manc food blogger Danielle Schwinger speaks out

In light of the recent Manchester Food & Drink Festival and the city missing out on yet another Michelin Star, Mancunian Matters sat down with food blogger ‘GirlCooksBoyBakes’ to discuss all things culinary.

Manchester-based Danielle Schwinger, 28, and her husband Adam, 29, started  GirlCooksBoyBakes about two years ago after seeing a group of school friends having done the same thing.

And with the pair of them being dab hands in the kitchen, it seemed a natural thing to do.

Danielle said: “I’ve always cooked and Adams always baked. We joined Instagram quite late on in the stage, but I thought that if they could do it, so could we, and better.”

The husband and wife created their blog based around budget type meals for the average person or family, using products that are easily available from shops such as Aldi.

“I’m inspired by my Mom, she’s an amazing cook and I used to watch her cooking while growing up. I don’t really follow any recipes now though, I’ve learnt to be intuitive and just throw it all in.”

Danielle says that the magic trick in becoming so recognized is all to do with engaging with the people.

With the likes of ‘thebodycoach’, Charlotte Crosby and Vicky Pattison having followed her back, the blog has reached a 19K follower fan base.

“The celebrity base helps you grow, but right now we are trying to keep it more real by targeting normal people and their friends,” she said.

Danielle went on to talk about the Manchester Food and Drink Festival, saying that the diversity of food is great and that it is spectacular for a bit of competitiveness within the city.

“We like how there are offers on at different restaurants and feel it just promotes eating in Manchester.”

The food blogger feels the food industry has changed so much over the past few years and says that the festival is a good way to get out and try things you normally wouldn’t.

The lack of the Michelin star in Manchester, however, was a controversial topic for Danielle.

“I don’t know how necessary they really are in today’s food scene. I don’t think they are needed just because there is so much creativity in majority of the places you go,” she said.

“I think it is a very subjective rating. You have amazing chefs in some amazing restaurants who work so hard, and for someone to go into the restaurant and tell them ‘it’s not good enough’ is a slap in the face and is unfair.”

Danielle admits she doesn’t always go to the ‘posh’ places as she prefers every day foods and trying different cuisines, but says she has had some of the most amazing tasting food in places that wouldn’t even be considered for a star.

She said: “There should be another system for ratings places like these, for the places that don’t ‘tick the box’. In my opinion, Michelin is becoming a little outdated.”

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