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Say ‘caffeine’ for the picture! Manchester entrepreneurs unite photography, liquor and coffee for café with a twist

A café like no other has arrived in Manchester – combining coffee, liquor and photography. 

RedbankCo, located on Redbank in the Green Quarter, has been a bar and photography studio all-in-one for two years as part of a collaboration between the Liquorists  Manchester bar consultants Tom Sneesby and Jody Monteith – and Tone Photographer, run by Pete Sheppard.

Now, this dynamic establishment is opening its drinking doors during the daytime and serving up an appetising range of coffees as well.

Of course, coffee at RedbankCo isn’t just coffee when there can often be live photoshoots happening in the 700sqm space below the mezzanine whiskey, cocktail and coffee lounge.

“When we bought the property at Redbank, the coming together of Tone Photographer and the Liquorists in one place was integral to the kind of unique area we wanted to have,” Tom said.

“It was our vision from the beginning to create something different and without one there couldn’t be the other, both aspects were paramount in creating the artistic, independent and original space that 22 Redbank is.

“No one else in this city provides what we provide. We have different aspects – photography, liquor and caffeine – but when we brought it altogether we realised they’re actually inextricably linked.”

Working with their RedbankCo partner, Dave Barber, the establishment instantly provides a laid-back and chilled out atmosphere they are trying to achieve and definitely has a unique feel.  

“We’ve got a really creative space here and we wanted to have people experience it during the day,” Tom said. “Our aim is to provide good coffee, done well in a relaxed environment.”

While the Liquorists have showcased some pretty elaborate cocktails in their masterclasses and have wowed drinkers with their Spirit and Cocktail Trails, Tone Photographer has also provided some interesting moments at 22 Redbank with photoshoots ranging from swim wear to horseboxes. 

But coffee is the order of the day and to promote this new addition to their repertoire, the Liquorists have been, and will continue to be, out providing free coffee samples and ‘putting good coffee into people’s hands’ every morning throughout this week.  

They work with Coffee Circle, a local coffee roaster for the area, run by James Guard and are wowing with their current blend – Barnraiser  which comprises 50% Brazilian, 30% Sumatran and 20% El Salvadorian. 

“James Guard can tell you where every part of the coffee creation process has taken place,” Tom said.

“It’s all ethically sourced to make sure that those at the start of the process are getting full recognition for the work that they have done.”

To find out more about RedbankCo, you can follow them on Twitter @redbankco and @theliquorists.

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