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Dinner with Strangers: Manchester’s new social event that forces you out of your comfort zone

A global project which uses a specialised algorithm to match six strangers for a dinner in their chosen city launched in Manchester on Wednesday.

Timeleft is a social event scheme which focuses on tackling loneliness and disconnection within big cities in the digital age, and it launched for the first time in the UK in Manchester and London on January 24.

Using an online questionnaire, Timeleft’s algorithm creates a group of six similar strangers to send on an exciting and unique dinner to make friends, network, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Country Manager at UK Timeleft Elena Stropute said: “It removes the stigma attached to a lot of the swiping and seeing what people look like.”

Timeleft events started in Portugal and gained enough traction to move to France, operating in 43 European cities today.

In collaboration with hotel and events group Selina, one of Timeleft’s Manchester locations is the Northern’s Quarter’s Wilson’s Social, based underneath a Selina hostel.

WIlson's Social inside
Inside Wilson’s Social in the Northern Quarter

Wilson’s Social is a modern, stylish bar and eatery which specialises in lovely cocktails, moreish food, and live music – the perfect place to make new connections.

Selina Manchester venue manager Adian Royle said: “Selina’s whole mantra is making meaningful connections so it makes sense for us to pair up with groups like Timeleft where the core values come together.”

Marnie McEntee headed to Wilson’s Social to find out what the event is really about.

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