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The Ivy Spinningfields: Manchester’s newest hot spot is more than just a place to be seen at and tagged in

The Ivy has long been known as a haunt for the rich and famous in London, with its name synonymous with class, style and, of course, celebrities.

Now, its reputation has stretched – all the way to Manchester.

The Ivy Spinningfields opened its doors to much fanfare in November. Overnight it quickly became the place to be seen and tagged in for people from all over the north west.

The food, however, appears to have taken a backseat to stories of its glittering décor and seemingly free-flowing champagne.

Yes, it’s true that the five-star service is something to write home about. It hits diners from the moment they walk through the door, with a string of smartly-dressed hostesses just waiting to collect coats and bags before leading people to their table.

The atmosphere is lively and infectious on the inside, with everyone lapping up the luxury. Even midweek the restaurant is bustling and the tables are packed. It’s a testament to its reputation.

It is indeed too easy to get caught up in the buzz and forget that the food does indeed play a part in determining whether the whole experience receives a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

The Ivy Brasserie – which makes up the establishment along with the Dalton Room, the Ivy Asia and the Roof Terrace – serves up a wide range of meals ranging from breakfast, brunch and à la carte.

The prices are above those seen in your typical restaurant in Manchester, while not as eye-watering as one might imagine. An 8oz sirloin steak, for instance, comes in at £22.95 without sides. It’s expensive, but not unaffordable.

Meanwhile, the lunch and early evening menu might be more appropriate for those looking to enjoy the experience without simultaneously breaking the bank. It gives diners the choice of two or three courses, priced at £16.50 and £21.00 respectively.

Starters feature the likes of watercress soup, goat’s cheese salad, or shredded beef. The mains include up-market options like sea bream and wild mushroom risotto. Limited? Maybe. Satisfactory? Certainly!

Bar a fire that tore through the Roof Terrace in January, it’s been a flying start for The Ivy Spinningfields. The place has racked up over 11,000 likes on Facebook since opening, meaning it’s hot on the heels of other well-established restaurants in the city centre. San Carlo, for example, has 14,000 fans despite having a multi-year lead.

There are big things to look forward to in the coming months, with a ‘super party’ planned for April. The event was announced after the venue bounced back from the well-publicised blaze just six weeks ago.

At the time, a statement read: “As a thank you for the very warm welcomes that Manchester has given us since we opened on 27th November, we are planning a Super Party on Friday 12th April, encompassing the entire building and outside areas.”

With events like this on the calendar, it hopefully won’t be long before everyone is able to get a taste of what’s on offer at The Ivy Spinningfields. Until then it wouldn’t be wrong to buy into the hype as you wait to bag yourself a much sought-after table!

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