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A pint of the black stuff? MM tries to find Manchester’s best value Guinness

I have a passion for a good pint of Guinness and wanted get a feel for the range of prices charged in bars across my favourite city: Manchester.

I selected a broad sample of establishments from old to new, from Irish-themed to plush eateries.

First of all I checked out The Thirsty Scholar, which is a great little pub on Oxford Road, in the heart of student land. The Guinness there is a very reasonably priced £4.35.

I then went to The Botanist, a high-end cocktail bar on Deansgate, where the venues are generally rather swanky. I was very surprised by the lovely pint, in a lovely atmosphere, at a modest price of £4.60.

Next I went to Kiely’s Irish Bar, tucked away on Great Northern Square. This was pretty pricey considering it is not on the main drag. The pint was nice enough, but at £4.80, it was near the top end, or so I thought.

That is until I visited Peaky Blinders, a new opening on Peter’s Street. Here, a pint came in at an eye-watering £5.60.

It only took me 10 seconds to walk here from Kiely’s, so I was shocked by the very significant price difference.

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