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Manchester and Salford named two best cities in United Kingdom for street food

Manchester and Salford are the two best cities for street food across the United Kingdom, a study has revealed.

Independent research from Diamond Trailers, a food truck distributor, ranked Salford as the best with Manchester in second. 

Three of the top five are north west-based with Liverpool in fifth, behind Newcastle and Wolverhampton in third and fourth respectively, while London was ranked 20th. 

Using JustEat, Diamond Trailers listed the number of street food restaurants and takeaways in each city before calculating an average price across the places.

The study then worked out each city’s population, before listing the number of street food businesses per 100,000 people. 

Across a population of 254,408, Salford has 321 street food options available and the highest per capita in the top 20 at 126.

Each of the top four cities had an average price of £10, while Manchester has 387 street food businesses to cover 547,627 people (33 per capita).

London boasted the most expensive average price at £16, and was ranked the lowest in per capita (13) with 1,197 street food options across a population of 8,908,081.

England’s capital city has the most street food available, while Cardiff has the least of the top 20 with 97 and is ranked 17th overall.

Image: MediaCityUK in Salford. Image by Luke Power, 2022

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