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Doing the Veg Pledge this month? MM’s top five vegetarian restaurants

Cancer Research’s Veg Pledge takes place this November, so it might finally be your chance to take the plunge into a vegan or veggie diet.

The Veg Pledge encourages participants to get sponsored by friends and family to stay meat free for an entire month and raise money for Cancer Research.

While you may love your hamburgers, researchers found that a vegetarian diet can reduce the risk of bowel cancer and increase your intake of high fibre foods.

A study by the MRC Dunn Human Nutrition Unit and the Open University found the risks of bowel cancer could be increased by as much as a third among people with high-red meat diets.

With 17,000 people suffering from the disease every year, its essential people lower their meat intake and eat more vegetables.

However, becoming vegetarian or vegan can be intimidating, as you suddenly need to familiarise yourself with completely new ingredients and recipes.

But worry no more! Here’s our top five plant-based restaurants in the city, so you can fulfil your Veg Pledge and don’t even need to pick up a recipe book to do so.

Vertigo, Cross Street & Media City

Vertigo’s plant-based menu will leave your head spinning. From smoothie bowls for when you’re on a health kick, to veggie cheeseburgers for when you’re back to indulging, they have it all. A haven for coffee lovers too, they have a variety of unique coffee flavours to choose from. The red velvet latte, a blend of beetroot, cinnamon, vanilla, and plant-based milk, will be a pleasant surprise for all of those with a sweet tooth.

Wholesome Junkies, Arndale Market & Ancoats General Store

The perfect fix to an almighty hangover, Wholesome Junkies is a vegan paradise for junk food lovers. There’s hot dogs, hamburgers, fry up’s and plenty more for you to munch on while you try to forget the night before. Treat your tastebuds to a vegan explosion.

Bundobust, Piccadilly

Just down the road from Piccadilly Gardens, this underground gem serves craft beer and small plates of vegetarian Indian street food. Order a combo meal or mix and match, but whatever you do, order the Gobi Manchurian, it’s to die for! Pumpkin samosas are also on the menu as a Halloween special, make sure to check them out before they’re gone.

Ice Shack, Withington

This all-vegan dessert parlour is perfect for a sweet treat that’s completely guilt-free. There’s such a large selection of ice creams you’ll be spoilt for choice and the cakes always look mouth-watering. Ice Shack usually holds events that have unfortunately been cancelled due to lockdown, but it’s worth looking out for in the future. Past events include book clubs and games nights, which are made even more exciting with the heavenly desserts surrounding you.

The Allotment, Lloyd Street

Another great option is The Allotment vegan eatery, which mixes high quality dishes with reasonable prices. Located in the heart of Manchester, this multi-award-winning restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients and frequently updates its menu with each seasons harvest. The Allotment also holds a series of breakfast bite and yoga sessions for those who are looking for a workout with their vegan breakfast.

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