Gay village’s ‘biggest wall’ to become blank canvas for LGBT graffiti art competition

One of the Gay Village’s largest walls is to become a blank canvas challenging Manchester to a street art competition with an LGBT twist.

Judges are looking for an LGBT creation that will be beautiful, unique and bring vibrancy and an identity to the Richmond Street wall by the Molly House and Company Bar. 

The winning design will be painted by this September by world renowned graft artist Kelzo and his collaborator Hayley Garner. 

The contest is being run by Queerchester, an arts and culture initiative around the Gay Village.

Founder Adam Prince said: “Last year was sadly about EMROs, crime, focusing on the negativity of the Village where support was lacking for the area and leaders who would not listen.   

“We see an area ripe for talent, possibility and a community to pioneer.” 

The judging panel for the competition will include fierce drag queen celebrity Cheddar Gawjus, talented writer Adam Lowe, Kelzo, Hayley Garner and Molly House manager Paul Duffy. 

The competition will run across July and close on 4th August for receiving artist entries. The public will be able to vote online and in the Molly House to whittle down entrants before the judges decide on the final idea that will come to life.

Queerchester also have their exhibition in the pipeline and will be showing artists work throughout the Gay Village in August despite receiving a setback when their host Piccadilly Place pulled out. 

Adam said: “Despite this week’s upheaval, what is great is that the Village Business Association and many other partners have already come forward to support the exhibition and fundraising attempts to promote and pioneer arts and culture in the Gay Village.

“The dream goal is for a centre to be built in the Gay Village to house arts, culture, community, exhibitions and entrepreneurial projects.” 

To enter the Molly House competition, please look at the Queerchester facebook page. Click here for the link to the competition. The closing date is August 4.  

Image courtesy of Google Maps, with thanks.

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