Preview: Women, Organise! @ HOME

It has to be said, it’s been a great few months for women on screen since THAT Game of Thrones episode, Fleabag, Derry Girls, Killing Eve, Back to Life – if you’ve not seen it, add it to the list. But what’s next?

The writers, the actors, the characters: we have been transfixed by our tellies and the talent and truth behind the stories.

The one problem. If you binge all this fabulous TV, and have already watched it all twice, then you might be experiencing some withdrawal.

Never fear. With a slight move towards a bigger screen and away from your sofa, HOME cinema have the perfect antidote to post Fleabag blues.

As part of a wider celebration of women in global cinema, HOME are celebrating women’s ongoing activism on screen with their season Women, Organise!

From musicals to thought-provoking documentaries, the season is focusing on women’s activism and involvement in trade unionism, and promises to excite all your feminist fury.

The season starts this weekend with Ken Loach’s Bread and Roses. His first US-set film inspired by the ‘justice for janitors’ campaign in LA. It follows Maya, a Mexican migrant worker who finds herself in the struggle to unionise the workforce.

Other screenings over the weekend include Play for Today / Leeds-United! a 1974 BBC drama about the collective action of female workers in the textile trade in Leeds, and the Doris Day musical The Pajama Game with a free post screening discussion.

Heading into next week there will be screenings of a number of documentary films that cover particular campaigns and historical moments across the globe.

The season seeks to raise questions about women’s role in the workplace and the ways in which these experiences have been shown on screen.

Other films being shown are North Country, a fictional account of America’s first successful sexual harassment case; Cart, which explores the plight of Korea’s temporary workers; The Nightcleaners, which reflects on the struggle to unionise the women workers who clean office blocks at night.  

By Friday afternoon you’ll be standing on your chair in the office channeling your inner Norma Rae – which is being screened on Thursday.

“Forget it! I’m stayin’ right where I am. It’s gonna take you and the police department and the fire department and the National Guard to get me outta here!”

The season is running from May 4-11. For more information, times and tickets:

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