E3 2018: An in-depth look at the titles showcased during the annual gaming expo

In case you missed it, E3 2018 has come and gone for another year.

For the first time gaming enthusiasts got a sneak peek at what they can expect to see released over the 2018-19 period as the industry warms up for another busy ‘fall’ period.

MM are rounding up the biggest stories from the event, as well as the likely standout titles and technology that you could see in your gaming armoury very soon.

The Big Hitters

Fans’ favourites always look to make an annual/biannual splash in the market – and this year is no different with another stellar set of titles ready to hit stores this autumn.

Here’s what’s on the horizon:

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Ubisoft are coming in all guns blazing with their showcase of the latest Assassin’s Creed title Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Set to release in early October, the upcoming edition in the franchise is set in Ancient Greece around the time of the Peloponnesian War. Gamers must explore the expansive world as one of two playable Spartan mercenaries who must investigate their past in order to become true warriors.

Expanding across numerous ancient cities and landscapes, including Athens and Peloponnese (the home of the original Olympics), Assassin’s Creed once again looks to delve into the history books as inspiration to drive forward a franchise that has now become a market leader in open-world mechanics.

An assured big hitter in the market once again, prepare to get your stealth game on as the action begins.

Halo Infinite (Halo 6)

Although only teased, Halo Infinite confirmed to gamers that Master Chief will be making a reappearance in what is expected to be the last title in the current trilogy.

Although it has seemed like an age since 343 Industries took over from Bungie as the studio responsible for the Xbox phenomenon, the franchise still seems to go from strength to strength –having attracted enthusiasm from around the world for almost 17 years since its conception in 2001.

Although details are scarce on the title as yet, Halo Infinite is poised to attract a sizeable audience once again this autumn, with a November release likely for a return to that gigantic space-sized ring.


With the World Cup in full swing and the new football season on the horizon, it’s no surprise that FIFA’s annual title is on the agenda once again.

The big news on everyone’s lips regarding the new addition was the confirmation of the rights to the Champions League after the contract was terminated between fellow holders and rivals Konami and UEFA.

Headed by stars of the game like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr., FIFA looks to reign supreme over the virtual footballing world and the instalment appears destined to be another huge seller come its release date in late September.

So what about Nintendo?

Although Nintendo divides opinion (and boy have there been some strong critics down the years), it seems that another big push from the Japanese gaming outlet is on the cards with the development of the Nintendo Switch, which was showcased at this year’s event.

Released only last year, the Switch has stayed true to the ‘Nintendo mantra’ in that it brings fun and energetic family games that gets everyone involved. They weren’t to disappoint on that front!

Super Mario Party

Firstly, Nintendo announced the return of Nintendo stalwart Mario in his first Switch appearance to date in the new Super Mario Party.

In keeping with the same board game elements that the series has become known for, the title throws up a mix of old classics as well as a heap of new modes, mini-games and playable characters that is sure to be perfect for a family get-together.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

For more hardened Nintendo fans, the biggest announcement came in the form of a lengthy presentation by popular Nintendo creator Masahiro Sakurai, who revealed that fan favourite Super Smash Bros would be making a return in Super Smash Bros: Ultimate.

Building on previous incarnations, the new Switch edition comes with a lot more content but also features every single Smash Bros fighter seen to date in the franchise.

With seemingly improved gameplay, graphics and no shortage of variation, Nintendo stick to what they do best in this title that is set to be released in early December.


A final announcement from Nintendo also worth noting was the news that phenomenon Fortnite Battle Royal would arrive on Nintendo Switch.

Accompanied with all the features that users on other consoles have come to love – such as fierce shootouts, chaotic team building and those cringe-worthy dance moves – the game is available to download now for free.

Best of the rest…

Although the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises also made their mark on proceedings, technological advancements in gaming were still high up on the agenda.

Despite the likelihood of a few more years in development, companies were surprisingly open when discussing next generation consoles for the future.

Although tight lipped about any details or expectations for gamers at this point, developers were happy to suggest the likes of a potential PlayStation 5 and Xbox 2 may be on the agenda and that we could be seeing them in our living rooms sooner than we think.

Finally, speaking of the future, VR has was high up on the agenda again as the event looked to close on a spectacular insight into the future of games technology.

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