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Manchester Twitter sensation the Drunken Butcher opens his home to strangers for fun, food and new friends

It might sound like most people’s idea of a nightmare; a room full of strangers eating your food and drinking your drink.

But not for Manchester’s Drunken Butcher, a mystical Twitter character who flings open the doors of his Sale home for a night of food, drink and repartee.

Better known to his as Iain Devine, 36, is one of a number of people across the country gripped by the latest trend in boutique dining – supper clubs.

‘Around the World in 8ish Steaks’ is one of the suitably puerile names that Mr Devine comes up with for his nights, which are usually themed around a concept or an ingredient.

Iain calls himself the drunken butcher after being inspired by William Bennet’s poem The drunken butcher of Tideswell.

READY FOR ACTION: Manchester’s ‘Drunken Butcher’ Iain Devine

He said: “It is a fantastic way for solo diners to go out and enjoy a meal without feeling lonely, not only is it a great way of trying some amazing food, it is also a great way to meet new people.

“One of the things I’m trying to do is make the dinners accessible to people financially, and hopefully share my love of the more “unusual” parts of the beast.”

Although Iain is not really a butcher – and only part time drunk – he definitely knows how to handle his meat, and yours for that matter.

He added: “I also do ‘private hire’ which does kind of make me sounds like an escort, but in reality I’ll come to your house and cook for a dinner party, or even better you come to mine so you don’t need to worry about the washing up either.

“I’m now offering master classes, at the moment I’m focusing on roast dinners, I have my first open to the public in March.  The next ones will be “mixed grills” showing people the proper way to cook steaks, chops etc”

For more information on his supper clubs or taking part in a master class, follow Iain on Twitter: @DrunkenButcher or book his events via here.

Picture courtesy of The Hungry Manc, with thanks.

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