Min-cunian Matters features: Two brave youngsters investigate Chill Factore’s ‘Guarantee to Ski’ campaign

Brexit means Brexit. Oh, and an increase in people learning to ski in Britain too.

Due to the decreasing value of the pound, it’s more beneficial for holiday makers to learn to ski before they hit the slopes abroad.

So Chill Factore, home to Europe’s longest indoor real snow skiing and snowboarding slope (180 metres), have compared the price of learning at home against the cost for the same amount of lessons at five of the most popular European ski resorts.




Chill Factore

6 Hours


Zermatt | Switzerland

6 Hours


Courchevel / Meribel | France

6 Hours


Cortina d’Ampezzo | Italy

6 Hours


Sauze d’Oulx | Italy

6 Hours


St Anton | Austria

6 Hours



MM accompanied two intrepid young reporters Jack and Milly down to the Manchester snow centre to see whether the bug might catch on.

THE FAST AND THE FUN: Young reporter Milly grins after a toboggan ride

Despite arriving a little late, we were able to quickly pick up the rented waterproof jacket and trousers, along with some thinsulate gloves, snow boots and stylish helmets.

By the time we were suited and booted, everyone in our time slot had already made their way in but the staff showed no irritation at all at having to run through the safety instructions again, even bobbing down to little Milly’s height and giving her a quiz to see if she’d been listening!

Snowball fights galore and Jack rolling around in the snow at every opportunity however didn’t eat into our time as we stayed for the full hour and made the most of the rides.

There were three activities to choose from within the Snow Park (the ski and snowboarding slopes are booked separately) including tobogganing, an ice slide (reminiscent of the Cool Runnings bobsleigh slopes) and the donuts.

We each instantly grabbed a toboggan and raced to the top of the slopes. There wasn’t long to wait before we were racing down, two-by-two and then clambering back up the slope to do it all over again.

Jack also tried the ice slide but it was the donuts and toboggans that we went back to again and again: the donuts offering three speeds of bumpy slopes versus the straight slope for the toboggan ride.

It seemed that plenty of people had had a similar idea to us and the slopes were bustling with families and friends making the most of their time off.

Thankfully queuing was minimal and an hour in the park was definitely enough to make the most out of the activities on offer.

By the time our slot was up, there were no complaints at having to leave as by now our bellies were rumbling.

Over pizzas and pop in Pizza Della Piste, it was clear why the toboggans were top.

“You can race your friends and family,” said Jack, a competitive grin on his face.

“They’re fast and very fun,” added Milly.

Bellies full, we packaged up the remaining slices to take home for nana and grandad, Jack already talking about coming back with one of his school friends.

TIME TO EAT! An exhausted Jack looking ready for pizza and refreshments

With ‘Guarantee to Ski’ at the Chill Factore running until February 28, CEO Morwenna Angove says there has been a huge surge in lesson bookings post Brexit.

“It seems that the fall in value of the pound has alerted skiers that learning to ski before you fly can save time and money,” she said.

“We’re proud to have taught tens of thousands of beginners to ski since Chill Factoropened nine years ago. This season we are offering to get beginners skiing in just six hours and if they’re not slope ready the first time, they will get extra tuition for free!”

Beginners can take lesson courses level 1 – 3 for just £150, getting them slope ready in just six hours. If at the end of the course the attendee is not deemed slope ready by their instructor, they will receive additional tuition free of charge.

Choose from:

  • Day Lesson – 6 hours of tuition. A total of 8 hours with lunch and refreshment breaks
  • 2 Day Course – 3 hours of tuition each day (over 2 consecutive days)
  • 3 Week Course – 3 x 1 hour 50 min tuition each week


Main entrance

  • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7:00 – Midnight
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00 – Midnight
  • Sunday 6:30 – Midnight

Main slope

  • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7:30 – 23:00
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday 9:00 – 23:00

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