Local Elections: MM’s favourite pooches at polling stations to make a functioning democracy that much cuter

Voters are heading to the polling stations today in England, Scotland and Wales accompanied by their furry friends.

Taking your dog to a polling station and then posting a photo online has become an election day tradition in recent years, and this year didn’t disappoint. 

No one really knows when the trend started, but it has taken off since the Brexit referendum in 2016.

The tradition has since become popular in Australia and America, with many yanks taking their canines to vote in the 2020 Presidential election that saw Joe Biden replace Donald Trump.

Thousands have shared pictures of their polling pooch online over the years using the hashtag #DogsAtPollingStations.

Here are our favourites from this year.

Current Mayor of London Sadiq Khan was accompanied by his dog Luna as he cast his vote today.

Local good girl and former guide dog River got involved in today’s voting action.

Another local pooch, Pip, assisted his owner to the polling station today.

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