Piccadilly Pulse: Should the Scottish independence debate have been televised in England?

While people living in England may not have a say in the upcoming Scottish referendum, was it right that yesterday’s Scottish independence debate was only broadcast in Scotland?

The referendum debate between Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond and leader of the Better Together campaign and former UK chancellor Alistair Darling aired last night.

Only televised in Scotland, English viewers were left frustrated after STV’s online player crashed from high demand, meaning the entire English population missed out on the debate.

MM took to the streets of Manchester to ask, should the Scottish independence debate have been televised in England?








The majority of Mancunians seem to believe the debate should have been broadcasted in both England and Scotland.

A number indicated their concern for the Scottish nationals living in England, claiming being excluded from the debate was unfair on those directly connected to the Scottish affairs.

Andrew Clarke, 32, a printer from Manchester, said: “There are Scottish Nationals who are interested in what’s going on, I know loads of Scot’s that wanted to see it.”

Mark Denial, 33, a Cafe Manager from Sheffield, agreed: “It’s unfair on the Scottish population. The debate should be re-broadcasted online.”

Oz Gore, 31, a PhD student from Israel, was also disappointed the debate wasn’t televised in England. He said: “The information I have read about the debate is already mediated, which isn’t so great.”

A few were concerned about the economic implications, and would have liked the debate to be televised in England feeling the matter is relevant.

Christian Spence, 38, Head of Business Intelligence from Huddersfield said: “There will be a significant economic impact in the whole of the UK if Scotland becomes independent.”

Matthew Newton, 35, a Marketing Manager from Manchester agreed, arguing: “It’s going to have a big economic impact. We should have seen the debate for a balanced view.”

Andrew Morris, 61, retired from Manchester, instead believed the debate was Scotland’s affairs: “There’s no one in England who will have a say.”

John Williams, 58, a Project Manager from Manchester, agreed: “It’s a decision for the Scottish people. If they want to go independent it’s their business.”

However, Chris Crooker, 35, a designer from Hulme, doesn’t think the referendum has been explained well to the English population. He said: “It’s like being divorced without being told why.”

Image courtesy of STV, with thanks.

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