Lying in bed naked… Quarter of Mancunians so hot they strip off to sleep in summer

What’s hot, sweaty, naked and dying to get into bed? A Mancunian! More than a quarter of Manchester are getting their kit off completely in a bid to bear (or is that bare?) the brunt of the hot summer nights.

Seems when it comes to bedtime pyjamas are out and birthday suits are in for 26% of Mancunians, who find it too warm to get some shuteye in these muggy months.

But bedding experts Slumberdown, who carried out the research, can’t understand why instead of ditching their PJs, people aren’t ditching their heavy bedding.

Sales and marketing director David Page said: “It’s fascinating to see that in the summer people are more likely to change what they wear in bed rather than change their bedding to adapt to the change in temperature.

“I would recommend people who are struggling to get a good night sleep try using a mattress topper which uses airstream technology as this has been proven to prevent the build-up of heat.”

It turns out almost 30% of Mancunians just sweat it out under a heavy duvet all year around instead of swapping to a lighter tog for the summer.

And it is the 55 to 64-year-olds in the city who are most likely to choose the cheap option of stripping off to get cool.

Slumberdown also discovered a gender divide in their study, with men proving more likely to opt for a lighter duvet, while women are more likely to open a window or use an electric fan.

But it’s not just the heat depriving people of their sleep, but longer hours of sunlight, noisy neighbours and bad bedding.

It’s been revealed that 67% of people in Manchester have trouble sleeping in summer compared to cooler months, with overheating the number one cause.

The top five reasons for summer sleep deprivation in Manchester are:

1. Getting too warm in bed (69%)

2. Lighter nights and morning (49%)

3. Noisy neighbours (23%)

4. Duvet too heavy (21%)

5. Partner snoring (18%)

As a result, 46% are getting under the average 7.5 hours sleep a night, with of almost 5% of Manchester’s population getting a measly four hours kip, or less.

Sleep deprivation can, in fact, cause more serious dangers to your health than you might realise.

Regular lack of sleep can make you prone to severe medical conditions, such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

A good sleeping pattern is essential in a healthy, happy life.

Sleep can boost your immune system, mental well-being and fertility, and can even help with slimming.

Sleep happy expert Slumberdown is calling for snaps showing innovative ways people in Manchester and their pets are keeping cool this summer, be it going to bed with a homemade ice pack or even putting your bedding in the freezer!

They are determined to lift the blanket on the lengths people in Manchester go to in order to keep cool, whether it’s at night or during the day.

Simply share your photos on Twitter or Instagram using #SlumberdownKeepCool.

The best three entries will win a pair of Airstream pillows and a revolutionary Airstream mattress topper that is comfy and cooler than memory foam, helping you sleep better in summer.

You can also submit your entry to their website

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