Packing a political Punch: Manchester artist keen to show off more of her satirical cartoons

A Manchester cartoonist is hoping  to follow her dreams to become a full time artist with her politically-inspired drawings.

The black and white pictures, reminiscent of the ones published in Punch magazine, depict a range of political stories from around the world.

Alison White, 29, who began drawing satirical images at 16 has been posting the cartoons online for a couple of years and her work has featured on the anti-fracking website, Frack Off.

“I don’t look around for things to inspire me. I usually draw about big political stories because I think they’re the funniest topics and often more controversial,” she said.

Ms White started drawing as a hobby but after being featured on the website she now harbours ambitions of showing off more of her work.

“I haven’t approached anyone myself about the drawings but maybe I will now. I’ll always continue doing it for myself anyway,” she continued.

“Me and my husband went to Manchester People’s History Museum recently and they had some eighteenth century stuff on display from Punch magazine which was so nice to see. It’s an inspiration. Every artist aspires to turn it into a full time job.”

 “Making a career out of it is something I aspire to. If someone offered it to me I’d grab the chance with open arms but it’s in the realms of dreams at the moment.”

More drawings can be found at Alison’s blog:

Pictures courtesy of Alison White

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