In pictures: Last glimpse inside derelict Wigan Pier nightclub before famous haunt is torn down

By Kenny Lomas

As the final chapter in Wigan Pier nightclub’s history draws near new images have been released showing the famous club looking like a shell of its former self before it is demolished.

Originally a Victorian storehouse, the building was converted into a nightclub forty years ago.

The club asserted itself as one of the most influential night-spots in the North West’s music scene and was famous for rave and house music.

Councillor David Molyneux, deputy leader of Wigan Council, said: “Sadly this has become one of the biggest eyesores in our town and unfortunately it is in one of the most high-profile places.

“I’m sure there are a lot of people who have happy and slightly hazy memories of good times at the old club yet I’m also sure there will be some who’ll be happy to see the back of it.

“The building is now in a rotten state. We are currently under using and underselling the whole Wigan Pier area and want to completely transform it and restore its status as one of the most prominent places in the region. That can only really be done if we get rid of this building.”

At its peak in the mid-90s, hundreds of people from around the country would flock to the hotspot every weekend, but the club closed its doors in 2011 after a drawn out battle with environmental protection watchdogs.

Wigan Council bought the lease last year with the intention of undertaking a major redevelopment of the whole Wigan Pier site.

After staying vacant for 12 months, demolition work has now begun and is expected to be complete in the next couple of weeks.

The council then plan to turn the nightclub site into a community garden.

Further proposals include landscaping the land around the pier and turning the canal basin into a marina with berths for overnight mooring.

The plans will be finalised in the coming months.

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