Piccadilly Pulse: Have you ever skived off work because of the weather?

By Alex Bysouth

It has taken until June, but the sun is finally shining over Manchester and summer seems to have reared its welcoming head.

As temperatures soar this week Friday looks like breaking the 20s and Saturday could be even hotter, before the light drizzle returns on Sunday.

With ice creams, summer dresses and lads preaching ‘sun’s out guns out’, MM took to the city to see which Mancunians have ever skived off work to enjoy the weather.

Have you ever skived off work because of the weather?

Yes, often


Yes, but only on occasions


No, never!


Joan Hall, a 67-year-old retiree from West Didsbury, said: “I think I’ve skived for other things but not because of the weather, no.

“If I used to want to get my curtains washed or do some extra house work I would ring in and say I wasn’t well or one of my children was off school poorly.”

However, Sam Broadbent, 22 and currently living in Wythenshawe, made the most of being a student before starting a career in recruitment.

“Yeah, when I was a student we used to skive off lectures all the time,” he said. “I was down in Portsmouth so we would get a few beers and go down to the common overlooking the sea when it was sunny, we’d play frisbee or kick a ball around.

“Haven’t pulled a sicky since I’ve been working, obviously!”

Julia Truran, 51 from Salford, who is a pre-school teacher said: “Well I’m in town today to get a few bits for holiday, but I’ve taken time off of work for that.

“We’re flying out to Antigua to get some sun, so I can’t believe it’s just as sunny here now! I don’t think I’ve ever skipped work to enjoy the weather though, maybe a long time ago.”

But 32-year-old James Porter from Didsbury, does not have enough time in his role as an account executive to skip work.

“No, I’ve always got too much to do and to be getting on with,” he explained.

“So I can’t really afford to take time off work just because it’s sunny.

“Saying that, it’s not often we get this much sun, so it’d be nice to have a couple of days off to enjoy it.”

An anonymous 24-year-old man from Leeds was making the most of the sun in Piccadilly Gardens.

He said: “Actually I’m taking an extended fag break right now as I’m supposed to be on a job, but as it’s so nice I thought I’d treat myself to a bit of a longer break.

“I might get an ice cream too, but don’t tell the boss, he thinks I’m working hard!”

But Maureen Shaw, 73, from Bury, thinks people should remember their work ethic.

“People don’t respect having a job and what that means, that’s why most are happy to skip a day or two here or there,” she said.

“I doubt some of them have worked an honest day in their life, you wouldn’t get away with it when I was working, and we used to get less holiday anyway.”

Sarah Noone, a 19-year-old student, said: “I used to pray for snow days when I was at school to get the day off and go out sledging or have a snowball fight.

“We’ve finished lectures now so are loving the sun and have been making the most of it before we go home for the end of term.”

And Lee Cort, 26, a sports coach from Oldham, gets the best of both worlds when the sun is shining.

“Friday’s are my day off so think I’ve struck lucky,” he said. “I normally try and get as much done as possible, but I got into town and it was so hot I’m going to enjoy it. This week at work has been sleeves up and working on the farmer tan.”

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