‘I was only going to do it for a week’: Help Sale artists create a mosaic to celebrate local lollipop lady’s 45-year career

Sale graphic artists are trying to raise £3,000 to celebrate the 45-year career of local lollipop lady by creating a mosaic on the wall near her crossing. 

Anna Chopping and Zoe Taylor, who run Two by Two, set up the crowdfunder in the hope they will be able to put together the mosaic for Heather Dalton Morris, who celebrates the 45th anniversary of her job this month during Road Safety Week

Heather has worked on the crossing where Glebelands Road and Park Road meet dubbed ‘Heather’s Corner’.

But what keeps Heather’s enthusiasm for a job which she has done, through all the elements, for 45 years?

She said: “I like seeing all the smiling faces in the morning and the children make me laugh.

“It’s a lovely job and it keeps me going. When I started I was only doing it for a week, I never imagined back then that I would be still crossing the children now.”

Two by Two is a Sale-based graphic design company run by Anna and Zoe, who aim to promote talent within the local arts scene.

Talking to MM about the project, Zoe said: “Heather means a lot to a lot of people.

“What’s nice is a lot of parents around here actually had Heather as their lollipop lady when they were children so there’s that instant connection with the project.”

The project has already received the backing of the local council and schools involved have sent out letters to parents.

The schools that Heather serves, Wellfield Infant and Nursery School, Wellfield Junior School and Park Road Primary School, all in Sale, will be involved in a competition to design the mosaic.

The winning design will then be adapted by professional mosaic artist Tracey Cartledge, whose work has recently been included in the newly renovated Manchester Victoria station.

Tracey said that the nature of the mosaic, mainly that it’s incredibly durable, makes it a fitting tribute to Heather.

There will also be a book produced featuring all the children’s entries, which will be given to Helen as a thank you gift.

The mosaic won’t just celebrate Heather’s achievement, however, but to celebrate Road Safety week, which falls in November, the same month as Helen’s anniversary.

Given recent events near the schools, Road Safety Week is even more important.

Zoe said: “There was a young girl who was knocked down near the school so the kids have been talking about it a lot, so the more you talk about it the more safe they will be crossing the road.

“We’ve all got children, and we’re trying to make sure they grow up appreciating road safety, and the fact it is in November when Helen celebrates her 45th year is pretty amazing.

“If we’re celebrating Helen we may as well take further.”

For more information on the project, or to donate to the project visit hereTo see more of Tracey’s art click here, and for more on road safety week, here.

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