What Do You Need for a new Manchester website?

A local website is nothing new so if you want to set up a new, locally-focused one, then you will have to come up with a market niche that keeps people in the Greater Manchester area interested.

Whether your focus will be on live music, sport, art, history or anything else for that matter, setting up a new website could be a money spinner.

In time, advertisers may want to post content or promotional images on your site.

So, what should you be thinking of when considering a new website for the Northwest?

Obtain a Great Website Name

To begin with, you should be registering a domain name that reflects the local nature of the site along with its primary focus, such as Salford TV production or Oldham activities for kids.

There are plenty of different ways you could arrange the words of your site to explain what it is without any further need for explanation, such as, for example.

However, you’ll need to confirm that your preferred website name isn’t currently in use or has already been reserved by someone else.

That’s where a simple domain checker like IONOS’ online tool can be so beneficial because it only takes a moment to confirm whether the name you’d like to use is available.

Remember that getting the domain name right is important because you won’t want your brand identity to be too far from your website’s name.

When they are dissimilar, it can be very confusing for anyone searching for you.

Learn From the Best

When you are setting up any new website – whether it has a Manchester connection or not – you should look at what the top-performing sites in your niche are doing well and, therefore, what you can replicate on your site.

For example, the best sports websites all have highly identifiable layouts and graphical touches that mean you know you’re on one of them even before you start reading.

Of course, you should also be looking at what the highly ranked sites aren’t doing so well with.

This will be something you can focus on to demonstrate how your website can be better.

Maybe, you’ll post more up-to-date information or give your blogs and news stories a more personal touch.

Whatever it is, learn from the current crop of sites so you know your competition thoroughly.

Attract Attention to Your Site

Posting new articles and even video content on your site won’t make it easily discovered overnight.

However, if you work on an SEO campaign, or hire a digital marketing firm to do so for you, then you will soon start rising up the rankings when people search in Google for terms like ‘Manchester swimming pools’, ‘Mancunian school places’ or ‘movie scenes in Greater Manchester’, for instance.

Depending on what your website is focused on, you should work out a keyword strategy that directs browsers to your site when such terms are entered into a search engine.

You can also gain online virality by placing links to your site on social media.

However, this approach shouldn’t be instead of SEO, but alongside it.


With so many opportunities, now is the right time for any new niche website in Manchester. Turn your passion for the city into a second income with a fresh, new site.

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

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