Piccadilly Pulse: Is David Moyes the right man to replace Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager?

By Suraj Radia

Everton manager David Moyes will take over the managerial reigns at Manchester United in July to replace the retiring Sir Alex Ferguson after his glittering 26-year spell at Old Trafford.

Although Moyes and Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho were the initial frontrunners for the job, many United fans were still sceptical at the choice to appoint the Scot on a six-year-deal.

Others felt the 50-year-old was the outstanding candidate for the role despite never having won a major trophy in 11 years at Goodison Park.

MM took to the streets to find out whether Moyes could successfully follow in Fergie’s footsteps.

Was David Moyes the right choice for the Manchester United job?







Callum Duncan, 18, a student from Levenshulme, said:

“I think it’s unfair to say he won’t do well, he has to be given a chance. United never wanted someone like Mourinho who’d just leave them in three years time.

“They needed someone to properly replace Ferguson and be there in the long-run which is why he’s got six years. I think with Fergie as a director, he’ll learn well and be okay.”

Brian Graham, 46, a solicitor from the city centre, said:

“It’s the best possible appointment for me as a Manchester City fan. I’m delighted with it. They’ll struggle next year and we’ll come back.

“I’m laughing, I actually can’t believe it. We’ve got nothing to be concerned about. I wouldn’t have even thought he was in the running.

“Why didn’t they give it to Mourinho? He’s proven in Europe and he’d actually give the rest of the league something to worry about.”

Simon Burns, 64, a retired taxi driver from Didsbury, said:

“Moyes did well at Everton but I don’t think he can make the step up to such a big role. I think they should have given Ryan Giggs a go as a player-manager.”

Michael Aird, 23, a University of Manchester student from Fallowfield, said:

“I think he’s a good choice. I’d have preferred Mourinho but now that Moyes is here, we have to get behind him.

“Some people say he’s achieved nothing in Europe but he was on such a tight budget at Everton, it’d be hard to win a trophy there with any manager and it doesn’t mean he won’t win anything here.”

Scott Davidson, 25, a construction worker from Preston, said:

“I can’t believe it. Somebody pinch me! I support Liverpool and this last week has just been incredible, I thought we were bad when we appointed Brendan Rodgers but this one tops the lot.

“Especially with the rumours that Mark Hughes might take over at Everton and United have got Moyes – who’s never won at Anfield – mate, we’re laughing. What a joke.”

Julia Proctor, 27, a child care worker from Bury, said:

“I wanted Jose. He could have brought Cristiano Ronaldo home with him! But I suppose (Marouane) Fellaini and (Leighton) Baines will do. Otherwise, I think Moyes will do okay.”

Clive Reynolds, 51, a unemployed from Salford, said:

“He deserves his chance, he’s proven he can work on a small budget so I think he’ll do fine. You’ve got to give these managers a chance on the big stage.”

Sam Cockerell, 64, retired from Levenshulme, said:

“It’s one of the biggest jobs in football, isn’t it? It only comes round once every so often so they have to choose the right person.

“If Ferguson believes he is the right candidate then why should we doubt him?”

Image courtesy of BBC Sport, via YouTube, with thanks.

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