When will we get to see an eclipse in Manchester?

Just a few days ago North America experienced a stunning total solar eclipse as the moon completely covered the sun, temporarily leaving those under its path in complete darkness.

But when will we next get to see one in Manchester?

It’s bad news if you’re impatient – because there won’t be a total solar eclipse visible from Manchester until … June 2151, or 127 years from now.

Why the long wait? It’s because total solar eclipses only happen at very specific moments, when the orbits of the Earth and the Moon perfectly align such that the Moon completely covers the Sun – and even then, the effect can only be seen from a particular spot on Earth.

Don’t lose all hope though. On 29 March 2025, Manchester will experience a partial solar eclipse. 

We won’t be plunged into complete darkness – and won’t get to see the ring of light characteristic of a total solar eclipse – but it will still be an impressive sight, as the Moon will cover half the Sun.

And a few months after that, on 7 September 2025, Manchester will see a total lunar eclipse. 

This is when the alignment of the Earth makes the Moon turn a deep red colour – but it’s actually Earth’s shadow making it happen.

The redness comes from light having to pass through our atmosphere – the same reason sunrises and sunsets are a reddish pink. 

But most exciting of all is 12 August 2026. Although technically a partial eclipse, the Sun will be pretty much entirely hidden, except for a slither on the edge. 

For those who feel they need to see a total eclipse, a trip to Iceland or North West Spain will be required. 

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