VIDEO: Pole dancing at MMU is on the up

Manchester Metropolitan University’s Pole Dancing Society hasn’t been around long, but its impact has been huge and its popularity is soaring.

Attracting men and women, beginners and experts, dancers and non-dancers, the group are a diverse celebration of strong and supple bodies that haven’t been ruthlessly ground out at the gym, but naturally developed through artistic skill. 

As many of the members pointed out, pole is incredibly difficult and it takes real dedication and skill to reach competition level.

But for many attendees, pole is about having fun while getting better at something.

Katie Gammon told MM about the process that her friends at the club have gone through.

“What happens is, girls see other girls being so confident and realise that they want to be like that,” she said.

“They want to get strong in a really fun and kind of sexy way.”

Pole dancing struggled at first to establish itself on the University board as a sport rather than a society, but since being granted that label, it has more than proved its worth.

Pole is an empowering and interesting was of getting fit – and the club are always looking for new recruits!

Image courtesy of NFGPhoto via Flickr, with thanks.

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