Debate: Is Manchester really such a good alternative to London?

Google is a wonderful tool – especially if you are bored and want to kill time by reading unnecessary information about pretty much anything you can think of.

And sometimes a random search on Google can lead you some pretty interesting finds, from the top UK casinos to the reason why the bee’s knees are so great for so many.

And one of these random searches has revealed that there are many reasons why one should move to Manchester. In the text below, we’ve made a selection of a few – please tell us if you agree with what we found or whether it’s just a load of rubbish.

Live and (especially) work in Manchester

Creative Boom author Katy Cowan thinks that Manchester is the perfect alternative creative city to London, and she goes into details on why.

She cites the lower price of properties, the lower rent, the more affordable suburbs compared to our great country’s capital, the many co-working spaces and freelance gigs available, the thriving food and drinks scene, the new art scene on the old Granada Studios site, the theatres, the Christmas market, and the great outdoors as some of the reasons why coming to Manchester is a good idea.

The looks

Buzzfeed’s Harriet Williamson has made a long list of reasons why living in Manchester is a good idea.

Among them, she mentions the beautiful buildings, the quirky bars and cafes, the craft beer, the football, the music, the Central Library, and many others. And finally, she asks “Why would you live anywhere else?”

The graduates

On a more serious note, graduate career platform GradTouch¬†asked a bunch of grads why they chose Manchester instead of London, pointing out that around a quarter of them move to our country’s capital each year within six months of finishing university.

The reasons why the interviewees said to have chosen Mancunia instead of London was the availability of a high number of graduate jobs available, the relatively affordable nature of living and working here, the size of the city (the average Londoner spends way more than an hour commuting each day), the friendly and multicultural nature of the city that gives everyone an opportunity to start or continue their career, and finally the fact that it has a buzzing alternative scene that makes the city exciting and “a little bit like London, but a bit cooler”.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Is Manchester really the best place to move to? Share your thoughts!

Manchester Central Library image courtesy of Michael D Beckwith via Flickr, with thanks.

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