The man with 40 voices: Young impressionist hopes to rule YouTube with Game of Thrones impersonations

In the YouTube age it has become increasingly difficult for people to find their voice, but a young impressionist has managed to do just that – with more than 40 VOICES.

Charlie Hopkinson’s impression videos are popping up on social media around the world and with his most popular video just hit one million YouTube views, this 22-year-old’s going viral.

Born and bred in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, Charlie first began honing his talent for imitating world-renowned voices around three years ago and has since passed off the voices of Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson and even Toy Story’s Rex, to name just a few.

Having recently uploaded his latest collection of Game of Thrones characters, Charlie is currently working on perfecting the Californian vocals of two-time academy award winner, Tom Hanks.

What’s particularly captivating to watch about Charlie’s impressions is his instantaneous switch between famous figures and characters, as he loses himself not only in their voices, but disappears beneath their mannerisms and quirks.

“I first saw a video of a guy doing it and I just thought I’d have a go at doing it myself,” he told MM.

Since uploading his first impression video a year ago, Charlie has been receiving work for low key adverts, as well as a flow of requests for birthday messages and poetry.

The University of Warwick graduate said: “70% of the time people request Morgan Freeman, but I think my favourite to do is Gandalf.”

However, the Maths, Statistics and Economics graduate explained that mastering a voice can be a long process.

“I have to record it and play it back and then keep improving it. Your recorded voice sounds so different from what you hear yourself,” he told MM.

“Sometimes I’ve thought that I’ve got a voice perfected and then I play it back and it’s so far off.”

Not giving up the day job just yet, the vocal talent is currently training as part of the Teach First postgraduate teaching programme in Sheffield.

Although having not shared his hidden forte with his pupils, it seems it could only be matter of time until Barack Obama is taking Maths class.

The trainee teacher said: “The kids don’t seem to have found out yet. But I’ve heard that they Google all the new teachers.”

Back home in Ilkley, Charlie admitted that he still likes to launch into an impression when his family are least expecting it.

He said: “I think my family find it quite annoying sometimes, but my brother said he found my dad chuckling at one the other day.”

Unfortunately not everyone has been so quick appreciate Charlie’s comedic craft.

He said: “I worked in a call centre in Australia. I didn’t do any voices because I didn’t want to get fired.

“But on my last day I did one to a Chinese lady but sadly the joke was wasted.”

Hopefully Charlie’s talent won’t be wasted too.

Image courtesy of Charlie Hopkinson, with thanks.

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