Mike Tyson threatens fan ahead of Jake Paul clash

Mike Tyson has sent a warning to Jake Paul in a light-hearted incident with a fan.

The 52-year old is currently training for his face off with YouTube boxer Jake Paul, in his first competitive match since fighting Roy Jay Jones in an exhibition match in 2020.

And the fight is already steeped in controversy after its announcement last month, with several big names in the sport calling out the 33 year age difference between the two fighters. 

UFC president and owner Dana White has confirmed that Tyson has been taking training very seriously and a video recently released on his snapchat story confirms this.

The former Heavyweight Champion posted a video of him sparring with a fan and catching a slight jab to the face. 

With Tyson approaching possibly the final fight of his career and being more prone to injury than ever before, the accident didn’t go down too well for the fan. 

Tyson warned: “Calm down, calm down, if anyone hits them I’m gonna f*** them up.

“I’m just letting you know you made a mistake. I’m gonna f*** you up.” 

Whilst the boxer, whose professional record is 50/6, was likely joking with the fan, it sends a clear warning to Paul ahead of their clash on July 20. 

The bout will be broadcast live on Netflix, whose showing of the fight marks the company’s first move into professional fighting.  

WikiCommons feature image: Paula R. Lively

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