Pixie Lott reveals she was prepared to be ‘Nasty’ to get hands on latest single at Key 103’s Jingle Ball in Manchester

Words by Ruth Dacey, pictures by Ana Hine

Pixie Lott has revealed that she was prepared to be ‘Nasty’ in order to get the chance to cover the Christina Aguilera track that she’d fell in love with.

The pop princess was in Manchester for Key 103’s Jingle Ball last night alongside Robbie Williams, Little Mix, Jason Derulo, and Rudimental.

Pixie was dressed to impress in a tight-fitted monochrome mini dress, embellished with her initial ‘P’.

But the 22-year-old admitted that nothing was going to stop her covering the Aguilera demo Nasty – which is to be Pixie’s next single.

“Christina Aguilera demo’d the track Nasty and when I heard it I thought ‘oh my Gosh’ I simply have to do this song,” she said.

“So everyone was fighting over it and I flew straight out there and declared this is perfect for me and my album and I simply must do it.

“We made sure that we cleared all the samples and I was adamant to get it and so delighted when we did.”

Her new album is the follow-up to 2011’s Young Foolish Happy, which peaked at number 18 in the UK charts and the Brentwood girl revealed that her next album sees her going in a slightly different direction than her first two records.

“It definitely has more of a soulful sound and the whole album does. My last couple of albums have been a mixture,” the songstress said.

“It is a mixture of the soul music I grew up listening to and the artist that I am. So it’s still current.

“It gives me the opportunity to sing more which obviously is what I like doing and I feel this album is mostly me so I’m really excited for everyone to hear it.”

Pixie was in a festive mood before performing and couldn’t wait to get on stage in front of the crowds in Manchester’s Phone4U Arena.

“I love doing shows and that’s what I’ve missed over the last couple of years,” she said. “I love being in the studio but I can’t wait to come back and perform.

“It is really amazing performing here, I love doing Arena shows and the Manchester crowd are always up for it.  They are always lively and really energetic.

“I am feeling well Christmassy, especially doing something like this.  It’s so festive and I did a little bit of shopping around Liverpool today and it was so lovely with the Christmas market and Santa outfits everywhere – I loved it.”

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