Top 7 Reasons Not to Delay Writing Your Essay 

Students often delay writing essays till the last moment. However, it is never a good move. Below are the top seven reasons you should never delay your homework, especially when it comes to writing papers. 

You create a precedent

First and foremost, by delaying working on the essay, you create a precedent, allowing the same to happen in the future. Thus, instead of being a student who is always well put together and in control of the situation, you become the one who waits till the last moment.

It isn’t the best reputation to have. In fact, it will create a bad image for your peers and professors while also hurting your productivity and efficiency. 

So, it’s not about whether you can pull it off or not. It’s about who benefits from doing so in the first place. And the answer is – no one. You create a bad precedent that will only complicate your path in the future and drag down your grades. 

It’s just fear

Many students delay writing an essay only because the whole project intimidates them. From now on, fear makes decisions for the students, and those are not the decisions you will be proud of at the end of the day. 

The only solution here is to face your fear and start writing as soon as you have a chance. Once you start, you’ll see how non-scary it actually is. You’ll see that you can do it, and having enough time will only help you build courage here. 

You play with your confidence

The more you procrastinate, the more negative thoughts you let into your head. Eventually, you start to believe all that bad talk or false bravery. You either think that you have enough time to finish a whole essay in a few hours, or you believe that you won’t do it right with the whole time of the world. Either way, that’s not the way to do it. 

By delaying, you get to blame all your failures on lack of timing, which will only affirm your false beliefs. When approaching the assignment, believe that you can do it because your professors think that way. They know you well. Yet, don’t boost your ego too much with pseudo-confidence and prove you can do it by starting the work. 

You build up stress

Needless to say, writing papers can be very stressful. You have to take care of a lot of components, formulate arguments, share your thoughts, and put it all in writing. Not every young person is comfortable with that.

Yet, by delaying, you also add the pressure of timing. Procrastination will only make your stress levels go higher and higher with each hour that you don’t work when you should have. Don’t do it to yourself. Avoid such stress by starting early. 

You won’t have time to proofread

Proofreading is essential to having a successful job. You may complete profound research, structure your text well, and properly cite all your sources. Yet, during the proofreading stage, you can receive that polished, accomplished look of the essay. Here you should detect all the errors, grammar mistakes, correct the layout, structure, etc. Overall, it’s your chance to make the last-minute changes. 

However, what if you don’t have a last minute? By delaying writing an essay, you rob yourself of a chance to proofread and make a perfect text. Now, not only do you rush to finish your paper, but you have no time to give it one last read before submitting it. Though, writing in a hurry will, undoubtedly, lead to an increased number of errors. 

You can do better

Overall, you simply can do better than that. And you know it. The regrets will hunt you down once you submit that paper. You start thinking about how much better you could have done if only you had a few more hours to research. If only you could add more references or create one more strong argument. Thus, you will immediately notice all the weak spots in your paper. Even more! You will know how to fix them if only you had more time. Hence, it says that you already have what it takes to write a good essay. You just need to allow yourself to write it. 

You won’t have time to get help

Last but not least, by dragging for too long, you won’t have enough time to get the needed help. Whenever you start late, you rob yourself of many other options to write a good essay. 

Of course, you will have to write paperwork regardless of the form of study. But when you attend face-to-face classes, the teachers have many different ways to check whether you understand the material or not; asking a couple of questions will be enough. But don’t expect that you will write one or two essays during the whole semester, and that’s it.

You will have to write a lot, so if you have problems with that, look for a reliable writing service. The easiest way to do it is to look for sites with a high ranking that were reviewed by John Milovich.

It is always very important to be sure that you will receive an essay of high quality and within the required deadline. To find a professional service, you can also check, where the author of the article offers the top 5 writing services.

We recommend doing it because no one wants to waste time and money for nothing, so just be careful, read reviews, like, for example, paperial reviews, and be ready to find a more reliable service if the ranking is low. 

Additionally, students can usually count on their instructors for assistance. However, it won’t be a good look for a student when they ask essay questions to professors a day before the deadline or so. Also, sending an essay to friends for review and opinions can greatly help students improve their work. Yet, of course, you can’t do it when you don’t have the time. 

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