Review: Get natural tan-talising results with Xen-Tan @ Manchester Bali Health Lounge

By Danielle Wainwright

As a tanning virgin the prospect of getting my kit off for a stranger to spray me with a sticky liquid frightened the hell out of me.

If I was left to my own devices I wouldn’t have a clue which self-tanning products to use and would probably end up looking a muddy mess or even worse a tango catastrophe.

Thankfully the beauty therapists at Bali Health Lounge have got just the product with sweet-smelling Xen-Tan, popular with A-list celebs looking to achieve a natural looking tan.

As I entered the spa, apprehensive to pop my tanning cherry, I was greeted by a luxurious, Bali-inspired waiting room, complete with comfortable couches and a selection of exotic teas.

Beauty therapist Julie led the way to the tanning sanctuary as we crossed three floors and numerous relaxation rooms before reaching our destination.

I prepared to disrobe, kindly rejecting the paper pants, and was put at ease with Julie’s friendly approach as she assured me she had ‘seen it all before’.

The room instantly filled with a vanilla scent as the Xen-Tan was applied to every lump and bump as I performed many bizarre poses.  

The tan itself was light and cold yet surprisingly refreshing and I instantly looked like I had been sunbathing on the beaches of Spain rather than spray tanned in a black tent in Chinatown.

My skin instantly felt moisturised as the antioxidants including green tea, vitamin A and E, shea butter and gingko biloba got to work increasing collagen production and balancing skin texture.   

As good as it felt on it was slightly sticky and even with a hairdryer at full blast for 20 minutes it still wasn’t dry so I impatiently redressed knowing that streaks would inevitably develop.

There were a couple of subtle patches between my fingers and toes, due to me having to hot foot it back to work before it had completely dried, but any signs of dry or damaged skin had been banished and I was left with beautifully bronzed skin.

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