New York reggae act New Kingston chat to MM about latest album and family ties ahead of hitting Manchester

Progressive reggae group New Kingston are all set to deliver their magic to Manchester.

The band – made up of dad Courtney Panton Sr. and his sons Tahir, Courtney Jr., and Stephen – are bringing their sound to the Club Academy on Wednesday.

This current tour showcases their fourth studio album, Come From Far, a record sure not to disappoint after 2015’s breakthrough release Kingston City debuted at number one on the Billboard Reggae chart.

The trio of brothers, under the watchful eye of their father (and bassist) Courtney Panton Sr., combine their Jamaican heritage and current New York lives through their music.

Speaking to MM, drummer and brother Courtney Jr., explained how their new album just took shape.

He said; “It’s just that recharge of self-motivation. Come From Far is that feeling that everybody can understand.

“No matter where you are at in life, there’s still more learning and more things to do, even if it’s bettering yourself or your mind.”

New Kingston approaches their music with the past in mind, but more so, the journey that lies ahead.

They choose to speak on progression and aim to be an uplifting movement for the people.

 “Life isn’t a battle, it’s a journey,” Courtney Jr. told MM.

“It’s really just obstacles that are right there in front of us to really strengthen us along the journey and it’s up to us to choose if we get defeated by that obstacle or not.”

Courtney Jr. talked about how, with the coming of age and the powers in their voices and musicality, everything has grown.

He added: “It’s been one of the best receptions we’ve received in a while.”

The group started off playing in their family basement before moving on to small clubs in New York.

Courtney Jr. explained: “We were just young kids going through life, nothing special.

“We were still in school, and our paps said that if we didn’t exactly know what we wanted to do yet, there was music. Our paps is our foundation and he taught us everything he knows.

“He has become more and more of a role model over time and we watched him come up with his own band and now we are following his footsteps and we are owning it.”

On asking about any rivalry within the trio of boys, Courtney Jr just laughed.

He then quipped: “That must be our most famous question.”

Father Courtney Sr. has made sure to create an atmosphere whereby the brothers can live and work together as a family.

It was important to him that as an independent group, they got along first and foremost throughout their careers.

Courtney Jr. elaborated: “We really are a group, no one takes the lead, no rivalry and we all agree mutually.”

On their days off during the tour, the band turns to cooking and connection.

As the siblings live in different areas around America and only meet up for music, they tend to catch up and view their lives beyond the music, focusing on each other’s families and children instead.

The brothers have an extreme respect for their father, which keeps them grounded and disciplined, as well as their mother who they refer to as the ‘silent foundation’, praising her for unconditional love and support.

New Kingston’s bond clearly extends beyond family. With their powerful connection and positive vibes, they are sure to be a crowd pleaser through their tour.

*New Kingston play at the Club Academy, Manchester on Wednesday, October 18. You can buy tickets HERE.

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